Steem 2 Hive - How many DApps have migrated?

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On Friday we added Hive to and we are excited to see the community grow. Together with we are making sure that Hive Dapps are properly showcased. A big thanks to @therealwolf for his excellent work!

In order to track and promote the migration from Steem to Hive, I'd also like to share this cool site with you:

If your (former) Steem project is listed on, then you can Edit the DApp profile yourself to notify that you have migrated to Hive.

Is your favorite Hive Dapp not yet listed? Submit your Hive Dapp now.


Why aren't peakd and yet listed on State of the Dapps?
I would have thought they had the biggest usage.

In the end we depend on DApp developers / teams to submit their DApp. We just got the PeakD submission half an hour ago, so that will be listed shortly. But if any HIVE Dapp is missing, please submit it yourself via

Good to hear. You guys are doing a great job!

Well peakd (steempeak) is on both, is that a "real" migration. Seems more like an expansion.

I agree PeakD should be on the list. They have esteem, 3speak, dPorn, and steempress, so why not PeakD?

Most of the Steem DApps are not used and developed any more, only the active and successful ones will migrate to Hive.

Good point, we have adjusted the criteria for active Steem dapps to only count those which had a MAU (Monthly Active Users) of more than 0. This results in 34 active Steem DApps rather than 85-ish.

thx, this makes sense, more honest, also necessary for Ethereum-based apps. Most of them are also dead.

I was wondering how many, and which ones, had moved over. Thanks for sharing this.

I think we will see a rapid transition of dapps from Steem to Hive as most developers and the bulk of the community have moved over. Thanks for being so quick to include Hive in your stats.

I totally thought it was more dApps than that. Hmmm.

Majority of the steem dapps aren't even used by the looks of it.

And not all Hive dapps are listed.

Been 3 days.:)

Yah if you look it over there's some that have links that go to dead-letter boxes and a few like actifit that are posting on both right now..

This is perfect.. can keep track of what's where now !!

Nice job!

Awesome looks like HIVE is starting to pick up and get some real publicity now!

Looking good!

Hive has everything to succeed.
Starting with an active and experienced user base of several years in the steemit ecosystem, they have already passed the adaptation phase.
The Dapps migration process should be fast due to the similarity in the protocols of both blockchains.

Hive On!