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SuperHive development proposal

Project description

SuperHive is a fully HIVE-based CMS (Content Managing System) that allows every HIVE user or community to create his own website.

Each user can create their own custom installation, with modules, themes, code, ...

Also, SuperHive has an administration panel to post (on chain), create static pages (off-chain), and manage the website (like social networks, SEO, etc).

SuperHive is fully open-source and free. You can find it on the official GitHub repository


Themes already included

Administration panel

What has already been achieved ?

SuperHive v0.2.0 was released a few days ago. It features:

  • Get account information from blockchain
  • Get posts from blockchain
  • Display posts for an account or community
  • Create posts or pages
  • Manage social network and SEO
  • And much more

All feedback, questions or suggested features have been written in a To Do for the future.

You can see SuperHive in action at the following sites:

You'll find the same content on the account as on the websites, but the website has custom themes & features.

SuperHive is already running, but we need to fund the future to make Superhive bigger & better.

Explanation of costs

This funding proposal is made to support an already existing project that is no longer in alpha stage (some users already have a SuperHive instance). We are now in BETA stage and we need to go faster and further to be more attractive and competitive.

That's why SuperHive needs 6000$ within 3 months. In addition to the work already done, we need to have more powerful infrastructure and more people involved the project.


The infrastructure doesn't need to be expensive, but it will need to be powerful and run for months (and years).

Minimal requirements for the server:

  • 4cores / 8 threads
  • 8Gb Ram
  • 500Gb SSD
  • Unlimited traffic

Of course, we must have a firewall, some security & performances monitoring tools and backup services.

The install will be made by @bambukah and based on Debian 11.

With that server, we can host:

  • Official website
  • Demo Superhive Instance
  • Modules & Themes marketplace
  • Documentation

We have two domain names already but need to be renew in a year.

Official website

A great official website will be built with:

  • Presentation of the project
  • Keypoints
  • Community forum

I need to acquire a part time frontend developer and pay a one time contract for a web designer to create an attractive & accessibilty-focused official website.

The URL will be

Documentation & tutorials

SuperHive will be documented in 3 separate ways:

User Documentation

A general use doc for SuperHive administration and customization including all essential parts of the admin panel and usage.

Dev Documentation

SuperHive will come with many dev functions to create modules into SuperHive after the creation of our module engine. The dev doc will contain help for any developer who wants to create his own module.

Artist / Designer Documentation

The Designer documentation will contain all the tools needed to create themes for SuperHive. Rules, good practices and graphics tools will be in this doc.

All documùentations will be translated in EN / ES / FR to start. We would like to pay the translators and proofreaders.

Core dev, modules & themes

SuperHive already has some attractive themes and great functionality, but it needs to be more refined to compete with giants like WordPress or Blogger. The proposed funds will go a long way to create even more features to make SuperHive bigger.

@bambukah already has many tasks to do for SuperHive, including:

  • Module engine (create modules to add custom features)
  • Front-end features (Search, Archive, last comments & posts, sidebar ...)
  • Admin features (Add HiveKeychain & HAS, Schedule post, drafts, Recover keys, ...)
  • New modules : eCommerce / Contact page / Art Gallery / ...)
  • New themes
  • Interact with other HIVE projects (embed Aureal or 3Speak, Add DBuzz block, HiveList integration ...)
  • Accessibility (Keyboard shortcuts, ARIA labels, WCAG rules)
  • Internationalization
  • Advanced post features (Featured Images, auto SEO check, beneficiaries, countdown, ...)

This list is not exhaustive and will grow over time. We also want to have 2 versions (explained in the next section), so we want to hire a part-time dev to go faster.

Stand alone & hosted version

We want to create 2 versions :

Superhive Me

SuperhiveMe is the official stand-alone version. you need a webserver to install it. It's the official website of SuperHive project

Superhive Blog

This is the hosted version. No dev/tech skills required. Just login in and you'll have your blog with For this version, we need to build bridge & automatic account creation. A back-end dev is planned.

Marketing & advertising

SuperHive needs to be known and recognized by everyone, inside and outside the HIVE ecosystem. That's why a big part of the costs will goes to Community Management, Social advertising, and HIVE marketing.

Regular tasks

We also have some regular tasks like :

  • Support for users
  • Server maintenance
  • Write regular posts to show the progress of the project

Estimated total cost

Proposal runs for 3 months. All the costs are in HDB.

2X Domain (1 yr)30.00Documentation100.00
Server (1 yr)720.00Dev core & modules700.00
Web design500.00Marketing500.00
FrontEnd dev400.00Regular Tasks150.00
TOTAL1650.00Total per month1450.00
TOTAL x3 MONTHS4350.00

Benefits for HIVE

SuperHive is the first user-oriented front-end which is fully HIVE based. It works like traditionnal Blog engine (WordPress, Medium, Blogger, ...) but also fully open source, absolutely free, and will be easier to use.

The Web3 revolution must go through a transition phase. That's why SuperHive will use some Web2 rules with Web3 integrated inside there.

Many pro bloggers use CMS tools like WordPress, and we intend to make the switch easy to SuperHive. Pros and casuals bloggers can come into the HIVE ecosystem with minimal resistance to learn and join the HIVE blockchain.

The more bloggers we have with SuperHive, the more people will talk about HIVE blockchain.

Other benefits

Outside the blockchain, there are many users who don't know how a blockchain works, but many of them know how a blog works. It's really better for us to join a blockchain project with their skills.

For profesionnal bloggers, SuperHive has many benefits (earn crypto for writing, customizability, built-in SEO & performance tweaks). Superhive is really user-oriented. Another CMS must have plugins or add-ons to have the same performance that SuperHive has built-in.

Final words

SuperHive will always be open-source and free (even the hosted version).

If you have any questions about the Superhive project or about this proposal, the comments section is open.

We take any feedback, questions or feature requests to make SuperHive a great project.

Thank you very much for your attention and hope you enjoyed reading this proposal.

Vote for this proposal on : Ecency / PeakD / HiveBlog / Proposal #211


of course he will : Actually, you can display posts from :

  • user account
  • community account
  • filtered account by tags

That what's you need no ? But wait, If we successfully complete this proposal, You'll be able to do this without tech skills with our Hosted version :)

That is what I am looking for, if I had tech skills I would pull the numbers from hivesql, but without a ui I haven't been able to query the db.
So, to be clear, there will be a ui that allows me to query data in the db?

Voted! Hope you'll have time to take a look at my installation! :)

I'd like to talk with your team we have done something similar and want to see if our tech can mesh.

SuperHive is the first user-oriented front-end which is fully HIVE based. It works like traditionnal Blog engine (WordPress, Medium, Blogger, ...) but also fully open source, absolutely free, and will be easier to use.

That's not entirely true, I was first with ;P

that's true, you're the first hosted blog engine based on HIVE :)

I voted for the proposal

Thank you very much <3 Hope you'll like SuperHive !

Speaking of dBlog, the thumbnails of the blog posts are currently not visible on the currently top featured blog, Enjar Games. At least on my smartphone (Samsung Galaxy A12) with the Chrome browser on Android 11. I do not know whether @enjar know about this, or not.


I have not used them in quite some time and no longer post directly from it.

The images in question show up on other frontends.

Would be great if we could all work together. We have just released this too.

All open source. Pls take whatever you need. But yes collab more

All community front ends will be tokenised using honeycomb token system built on hive. Super light weight recommend looking into it. First decentralised version of this base layer is here.

We are currently working with some legit creators to expand this for them too

All strength to your work!

I wish you the best I can't wait to see the new upgrades

Like i said, a few months back, this is somethig! Brilliant!



You have my vote brother. You've been working so hard on this... here's to your continued support...

!LUV !WINE !giphy Good Luck

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A very good development, I wish you success 🙏 I voted.

well done!

Such an awesome project! !PIZZA and good work!

Btw, I would encourage you to design it as a HAF app.

This is a pretty neat idea. I might actually give it a go myself to see what I can do with it!

Nice work and great idea, I will try to put the code from github on of my vps and see how can I use it on my just newly registered domain


You have my voooote! It's really small but I wish the best in this project! 😇

This is great! You've got my vote.

Oh, that’s sounds awesome. I haven’t taken a look, but I think I can use this for the Hive play to earn game word game Im developing. Kudos❤️💕🤗🤗

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This proposal looks very promising. I just finished supporting it. I do hope you get the funding!

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