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RE: HiveFest 2022 - Live on air - schedule + streams

in #hivefest2 months ago

I am so so sorry that I missed Hive fest 2022 in Amsterdam and so damn jealous of everybody else that was able to go.

What an awesome event it would've been and such a wonderful way to meet so many incredible, brilliant and ingenious visionaries.

I can't wait to the next Hive fest arrives and hope that it somewhere Close to Australia so I can afford to attend- in fact I'm gonna start saving up now!

All you guys totally totally rock and it was so nice to finally see the faces behind the names too!

I truly wish that I could do nothing more than Hive-on all day, but unfortunately I have rent to pay and documentaries to get on air, so as soon as someone finds the best method to clone me please let me know because I hate missing out on my daily Hive life and I love everyone in this beautiful community so much and am so glad that I stumbled upon Hive during the first year of lockdowns in 2020 because even though I was in the world's most locked down state, I still managed to meet some extraordinary people and have incredible adventures- even if it was all online.

And even though it was all online, it has been just as wonderful and amazing as it would've been in real life anyway, so thank you to everybody for not only creating Hive, but for also bringing the world together and empowering us all.