HiveFest 2021 - all Video Presentations now available.

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Thanks for your patience, the HiveFest 2021 videos are now available in this playlist. Which is also embedded on

Feel free to embed, share, crosspost, download, repost and whatever! (Please link back to :D)

A look under the hood:

As we are dealing with about 30 videos, and being a dev, and doing stuff like this every year, I try to automate this as much as possible. This means timecoding every video's start and stop. Then exporting to a .csv which is then parsed into an FFMpeg video cutter from the original day-long recording. Together with input from individual presenters I then upload everything in 1 go onto YT including metadata and see everything being processed automagically.

That was last year. This year YT decided that custom API uploaders have to be rigorously vetted prior to being allowed to automate uploading. Looking into the procedure, which takes months to complete and needs you to frequently upload videos anyhow, I decided that manual was the only way to go forward. So I downloaded all individual videos and re-uploaded via YT site manually, feeling a slave to the computers, instead of the other way around.

On a server I still have the original cut-ups so if you know of other video sites I should (automatically) upload all video files, let me know! Not sure if 3SPK has a public api which I could use.


That's alot of inside work. I will definitely love to watch the videos on YouTube and catch up on this year's fest.

Definitely not going to miss the next one for anything.

Hopefully it can be on 3SPK too.






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Cool. Lets see what could another Hivefest bring for us.

This would be great I can feel it already...#hivefest

I love your bonnet 😆

Lol thank you


Thanks loads for all that work! I was there but there are were a couple I missed that I really want to catch up on and now can - much appreciated!

Just watched the whole livestreams. Outstanding talks. Awesome work @roelandp , If you plan to bring the #hivefest one day to Vienna, we will help you in any way, all the best! ☘️

HiveFest was awesome! So glad to attend! I need to go back and watch a couple that I missed for sure! Great job and can't wait till next year! Maybe we can get @thelogicaldude presenting next year on @hivelist and/or @hivehustlers

Thank you for all the work you did separating the presentations out. You rock!

Thanks for it!

I've to watch again blocktrades presentation on slow mo. Those guys talk too fast,

Thank you for doing all that work and making the videos available. Looking forward to being able to watch them on demand. Maybe even a binge watch here and there.

@hivefest I'm really hopeful that this will bring a lot of good things for us

This is great thank you for posting this! It was a very interesting experience. It was neat to be able to talk with other users through Altspace and to watch the presentations. I will definitely put it in my schedule for next year! Thanks @HiveFest

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nice to be in here during this event