Hivefest 2022 - bring all the minnows!

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After 3 years of waiting, #Hivefest comes back to Europe, to the place where everyone met the first time, to the city of Amsterdam!

This will be my (and @jukatravel's) 4th HiveFest, but unfortunately I'm not a big photographer, and even worse keeping those files backed up. I'm sure a lot of other #roadtohivefest posts will fill that void though, so keep an eye on the tag. Or write something when you have pictures yourself!

I can't put into words how excited I am to meet so many good friends again, and to make new ones. To help that the event becomes as accessible as possible, I have contributed 10,000 HIVE to sponsor reduced minnow tickets. Although this happened before the recent pump, it will still allow a 33% reduction for 40 tickets!

Of course accomodation and probably travel expenses are the bigger issue for most. If you absolutely can't come up with those, check out the big giveaway by @blocktrades and others for a chance to get free tickets and lodging.

Hope to see you all in September!


Hope to see you all in September!

I wish that I could go. My 30th birthday is on 2022.09.17. Money and time are both issues. And I cannot really travel that much (approximately 1241 km) with my Harris's hawk anyway. So I cannot go to Amsterdam nowadays.

I remember that the first time I saw Juka I was shocked, like "why is there a doggo roaming around the conference room", then I met you and your gf, and everything made sense. Juka and I have met in Lisbon, Malaga and Krakow, but hopefully we'll run into each other in a couple of months cause Juka is now like a must for every European HiveFest haha.

Glad to know you're going man (I wasn't expecting any different), hope we catch up with a beer. That's a huge contribution, thanks for making it possible for minnows to attend at a price reduced rate!

Hi. How many usually price of ticket?

The final prices haven't been announced yet I think

Cool initiative of minnow sponsoring! I would love there to be more posts so we can all vote and get the liquid hive to cheaper tickets for people. That way we all can contribute a bit for others!

If only I had a robot that could walk around for me ahaha.
I wish I could go, but time/money issues are just such a trouble.

Have fun you guys!

Does it mean that we will finally meet? I am looking forward to it!

PS: I am planning to book hotels and trip over the week-end :)

I'm optimistic it'll work out this time. Hotel is booked already!

It is now done here too ^^

This time I will say hello. I saw the 'STEEM Dog' in Krakow complete with name tag which kind of cracked me up. It was at the bowling place, we were late and starving as we missed the food and @detlev was handing me lots of beer tokens. I had a bad sleep night!

I feel sooooo much sorry for the !BEER you had ;-)

Couldn't find a bite to eat anywhere, that shopping mall we walked through was very much closed.

Hey @slobberchops, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

Do you want to win SOME BEER together with your friends and draw the BEERKING.

Generous indeed, I'm sure it will help many attend this great event.

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Thank you for this opportunity!

Very cool!

I need to book Hotel, but they all feel like a waste of money for these prices :O

We will probably participate by coming (and living) in Van: is there any nice green area, close to the HIVEFest, where we can be stationed in Van, with two little dogs?

That's pretty much impossible in Amsterdam city. I can recommend Camping Zeeburg, but it'll still take you at least half an hour to get to the center with public transport.

🙏 Thanks, @pharesim: the Camping Zeeburg seems very very nice! 😍

Oh, seems that the luckiest dogs in the world will visit Hive Fest with their owner 🥳☀️☀️☀️

What an excellent homage to Holland photo!

Awesome gesture! Nice one.

I really wish I could make it over there for one of these meetings some day. I feel like it would really help me connect more with some of the users on here and maybe give my name some more recognition than it currently has. Unfortunately, it is just at a bad time (time and money wise). I hope everyone has a blast. I found this post on Listnerds.

That is a generous and kind initiative. I am sure the contributions will make many minnows very happy. Until Septermber.

Thank you for your contributions to all things Hive.