First names of HiveFest 2022, tickets now available! Discounts for Plankton and Minnow users.

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In 11 weeks HiveFest 2022 is already coming to an end 😢. But hey, let us not get that far ahead shall we :) All venues have been arranged, hotelrooms are being booked, and the #roadtohivefest is starting up too!

First names for the event are now on display on the website:

Exchanging a festival ticket for a wristband, in style of Rembrandt, red color theme

The event (and subsequently its ticket for it) gives you (minimally) access to the following events and venues:

  • Thursday 15 September: Opening drinks
  • Friday 16 September: Conference day 1 (lunch and drinks), boat ride, mixer, social activity with dinner & drinks
  • Saturday 17 September: Conference day 2 (lunch and drinks)
  • Saturday 18 September: Closing Dinner, Closing drinks

By the way: Venues are locked in but to be revealed in the coming weeks. You might find some scattered hints on the website.

HiveFest tickets now available:
Buy with Hive or HBD or fiat: 400 EUR
(discounts available for plankton and minnow users)

HiveFest aims to be as inclusive as possible. With the generous help of the Hive Dao Proposal by @valueplan, almost all fixed costs for the event are covered already. Fixed costs consists of venues, tech, production, some branding / decoration and livestreams.

Then the event has variable costs depending on how many people attend: Food & beverages. For this year, with inflation running high we are looking at 400 EUR regular ticket price for this. This is actually 133 EUR cheaper than the last in-person edition in Bangkok!

Discounts for Plankton (45%) and Minnow (25%) folks:

Thanks to generous donations of some sponsors ...

... Plankton and Minnow users can buy a ticket at reduced pricing: 250 EUR for Plankton (37.5% discount) 220 EUR for Plankton (45% discount) and 320 EUR for minnow users (20% discount) 300 EUR for minnow users (25% discount). These tickets last until the sponsorships funds run out (approx. 100 tickets available at these prices).

The ticketshop on suggests your ticket category based on the amount of hivepower you have and disables Minnow/Plankton tickets automatically if you are no longer a plankton or minnow user :) Kindly ask you to not game this system and leave the minnow/plankton discounts for those who are indeed in this category!

Are you minnow or plankton and want to use fiat? Mail for a discount code to be used in the fiat webshop!
Send an email with your Hive username to [email protected] requesting a minnow or plankton code for the fiat webshop.

Note: Minnow or Plankton users wanting to use hive/HBD can simply use the ticketshop on website and pick the appropriate ticket category.

Let's go! See you in Amsterdam.
HiveFest 7 in Amsterdam
15 - 18 September 2022
Tickets: Hive/HBD or Fiat

- All (liquid) proceeds from this post go to HiveFest using beneficiaries


Wonder if Amsterdam is open to unvaccinated people from outside the EU including safe zones.

Didn't we discuss this earlier? The travelling part should maybe be through a more friendly Schengen zone, but Amsterdam/Netherlands currently has NO Mask, No QR, No Healthpass, No questions asked policy. Open for all. I hope we keep it that way, and this is one of the main reasons for having the event in september instead of november.

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Yes i didn't see the previous answer. Thanks for the info. 👍🏾

Now just need to avoid getting manuer from those farmers. 🤣

I am quite excited to meet all of you there! Just managed to set up all remaining family constraints, which took longer than expected, so that I am ready to book everything. This will be for tomorrow (Tuesday).


Still doubtful I'll be able to make it, but I surely hope so!

So thrilled to be able to perform at Hivefest! Can't wait to meet everyone too as it will be my first in person one. (I was at the virtual one last year).

See you all in Amsterdam - I'll be the guy with loads of wires...


See you there 😝

It's great to be able to be there and participate in the event

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So happy to see that HIVE Fest is back for in-person attendance! I had great fun in Bangkok.
Unfortunately this round the date clashes with some events in Malaysia from 15-17 Sept so I won't be able to split myself to Amsterdam.

Have fun guys! And all the best to the organisers and sponsors for this year's event!

Will be there with you all in spirit 😆

Oh no! I was looking forward to seeing you again 😊

Is @tdctunes bringing his musical toys? I'm so looking forward to this.

I am indeed!

looking forward to it

Are there solutions for families with kids?

Hi Amirl, what solutions are you thinking of exactly? Should their be overwhelming requests I am willing to look at a certified "babysitter/nanny" to guard your preciouses, but as of now that is not planned.

I am a family with kids myself, but I think my GF won't be at the event with ours, as it is not so much fun for them.

Yet every year have seen some (young) kids come and join their parents. Especially very young kids won't be a burden on the food/drinks budget so normally they can just join in for free.

Thanks for the elaboration. I will bring this information to the deciding committee and see what she says :)

Hey @roelandp and @amirl - my partner and my 4 year old son will also be coming. We are staying in the official hotel. They won't be attending the festival in full but I hope they will be allowed to come to a small portion of it as I'd love them to meet everyone.

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Yeah @zirochka is presenting!!! Will that be virtual or in person?

Spoiler alert: If all goes well, she will be in person!

If she makes it on stage, please fill the conference hall with a huge round of applause for her! Should be the loudest one.

I hope you can be part of the audience to make it even louder 😉

I can't be. The sad thing is that I will never be able to attend the Hivefest or meet any of you guys in person. But I am happy that you guys will get along really well. :))

That is so freaking awesome. Excited to see these guys speaking at the event. I hope there is a live stream.

Btw, I am ready to help anyone design their Hivefest Presentations. :)) I can't be there physically so let my design be. Just let me know and we can talk on discord or email.


I am super excited! I hope I can attend, are there any last minute solutions? Since I will only know quite late if I can make it.

Hi Solymi, I'm not certain what I understand about "last minute solutions" ? The event has fixed days 15-18 september. Tickets will be available until last minute yes, but best is to arrange travelling and such prior to the event, as prices for that tend to rise.

That was what I wanted to know, thank you :)

Wow. It's going to be really exciting. Have fun and enjoy. ✌️

A couple of weeks ago I found out that this great event existed. So I won't be ready to attend, but I've already started preparing for the next year!!! 😃

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wonderful, that is so amazing

Wow this is an event one wouldn't want to miss

It will be a luxurious and interesting gathering. I am very enthusiastic to participate in the hive fest. However, constrained by a very far distance from my country. And I have to spend a lot of money to be able to participate in the hivefest event which will be held in the Netherlands in September. Well, although I can't attend in person. But I wish I could watch it online during the hivefest event.

Greeting from
Hiver In Indonesia

Wow! How I wish to attend and see you all there.

Wao! What a great gathering of intellectual hivians. I feel like making it, but unfortunately as a new hivian I give you guys my support. I am with you in spirit.

Hive fest starts on my birthday. Get drunk in honour of me you sexy mfers

Wow, it's finally here. This is one of the best events, and I can't wait to be a part of it. Perhaps we might organize one here in Africa eventually. Meetups are great reasons to meet members of the blockchain family. Let's make this historic, guys.

Woow, that is so amazing.

I just booked the hotel, so I guess I'm going 😍

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Cool, I missed Bangkok, I hope I can attend this one.

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Is there a section that shows you how many tickets have been sold? That would be a good inclusion to give a visual on how many people are going and if peoples friends are going.

It looks totally awesome, i just need to convince my wife that its really important to go.

I will try my best to win the ticket I wish to be there I hope this could come tru see you in Amsterdam