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Wow it's been a while since writing a post on Hive. And that has a reason, a once in a lifetime crazy cray cray experience....

First off... Hello! My name is @roelandp, initiator and organiser of Hivefest, builder of Hive apps, designer of the Hive logo... but ever since running HiveFest Amsterdam last year, very busy BUILDING OUR OWN HOUSE.

Building a house together with these fellows from Mudcrew

Yes. Stubborn as I am, I thought: Ok I can organise an event... building a house is all about organising, so let's do this yourself. Who needs a main contractor any way :P Obviously not completely by myself, but at least being the lead, arranging all specialities: architects, construction engineers, arranging suppliers, build-up teams, permits, sewage, concrete, exterior, roofing, isolations, handling all supplies, and so fort. Fast forward to almost one year later and here I am confronted with reality: It's a fricking difficult job and takes up all my time and energy.

No complaints here though! The Hive Shag is here to stay :)

This is not a post complaining by the way, more a gentle warning: Think twice before you build your own house yourself :) I feel very blessed I am in the position of being able to build a house these days, and it is partly thanks to Hive actually I am able to do this! Therefore once the house is completed it will boast a full fledged (independent) guest room with its own bath room. More than happy to call it the "Hive Shag" where you can (hit me up! to) stay for a couple of nights, in a very natural area close to Amsterdam!

Not all fun and laughters though... Hivefest M.I.A. :(

We love the design of the house. The city counsel too and last year we got our building permit and started the build in November. But one of the neighbours living further down the road objected and later launched a lawsuit, which is actually going to happen this week. Next to being very busy with getting the house (which is currently in a very fragile state: no windows / no full exterior cladding yet / no permanent roofing yet) ready for the harsh autumn weather. So.... sad to say, I am going to miss out on HiveFest. Which sounds weird to me... Missing out on the little baby I started in 2016 and grew to such a great community of experiences.

The not so fun letters to receive - come to court

HiveFest 2023 - In greatest hands obviously!

I already knew I would not be able to organise this year's edition with the devotion and attention I would normally give to the annual gathering, so I was already very happy with the offer by @Starkerz and @Theycallmedan to setup the Rosarito HiveFest 8 edition back in april/may to keep the momentum going!

In the past months I did hand over my experience and "the concept" of the event and have been helping since then with mainly the digital part of the event: website, some design, little bit of the app, setting up livestreaming, issuing tickets and such, but nothing like the work the boots on the ground in MX are doing in preparation of the REAL DEAL, happening this week.

The closest I can get to Hivefest is AI generating mexican vibes

I have been postponing the decision to go to Mexico until the latest time possible, but it has now become clear I have to make a decision between having our house being poured down with rain (which is happening this week, quite some unfortunately), and not attending the lawsuit / court, or drinking and still thinking about that far far away in Mexico.... So I took the hard decision to bail out last minute.

I wish you all the very best of times in Mexico, it will be a blast as always, and I especially wish the whole team lead by @starkerz and @theycallmedan greatest success of pulling this edition together! It will be one for the books I am sure of!

Witness updates - seed node, APR 👀, attending TechEx in Amsterdam:

@gandalf pointed me towards my failing seednode... which is part of the default config.ini and which should be online to maintain decentralisation during the initial sync and setup of the p2p network discovery when launching new node. Since the hickups I found the server was having issues and I phased out the node and started on a fresh dedi-box for which is in the meantime all synced up and running again.

APR - With much interest (haha he said interest) I have read up on @gtg's decision to gradually lower the APR on Hive savings and am internally dabbling with my own stance. I do think 20% is a great and crazy selling point for our blockchain, but it could also sound like a "too good to be true"-selling-point in the long term.

FYI I've been running 1.27.4 on my nodes since last spring. I am looking forward to the day our house is finished, as we will have a double redundancy internet provider (cable and glass fiber) and can have some backup nodes running from the basement!

Next week 26/27 september Hive is sponsoring the TechEx Blockchain event right here in Amsterdam and I will be attending as one of the representatives of Hive. I will post an update afterwards!

For now I wish you HiveFest go-ers a superb time, wonderful surf, new friends and connections, many learnings. Shedding a tear for missing out, love you all...

See you on the chain, at the livestream and next year IRL again.
One of your witnesses,


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Good to see a post from you! Definitely going to miss your energy in Rosarito, I'll wave as I fly over on my way to Mexico City.

Yay! 🤗
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I'm sure everyone will feel your miss at this year's Hive Fest but at least you will experience what most of the people feel who want to attend and can't make it but see plenty of posts shared from Hive Fest haha!

haven't looked at it in this way, but yeah, helps shed an awful light on the fomo :)

It's a real shame you won't be at Hivefest. I'm sure the guys will use your experience to make it a great event. I'm not going either this time.

I've been through building a house. I didn't manage everything, but I was very involved. I did all the wiring and various other jobs. We had to deal with rain when it wasn't all finished, but it turned out well. It is nice to plan it out exactly as you need it. I didn't include a server room, but I did get my 'man cave'.

that's exactly what I was thinking, an IT/CRYPTO stufff office maybe under the roof, and a training room underground. the rest is normal, big kitchen, 2-3 bedroom, lounge and a secret room for kids and toy, going through the wardrobe. I know, a bit crazy. Do not start me of the garden.

Ahhh seems like more Dutchies have to bail this time. But damn it is for a good life cause. Building the home will end up in something so nice!

Succes bob de bouwer!!

So sad to read you won't make it this year. I will miss you 😢
Sending good vibes for the house and the lawsuit.

Having built many houses. Make the roof the priority.

I was actually looking forward to seeing you host Hivefest again. I watched it last year via video and loved how you 'brought it all together' in the room.

Cheers and best of luck on it all.

thank you jacob. Yes we are currently working on the roofing. These days quite some rain, so it has a temp nylon ldpe roofing, and with the storm today it almost flew away again :P Next week there is an opening to do the final roofing as the sun will be out!

May you have plenty of sunny days to get it where it needs to be!

Neighbors can be terrible (I thought the bad ones only exist in Germany?). Stay strong and fight for your dream. Wish you good luck. The next hivefest is coming.

I am with you on the tears shedding part has I will not be able to attend too due to funds. Haha, but is alright, I know I will get to attend one day and that day will be one of the best day in my life I bet.

Regarding the decision you made, hehe, enjoy your time in Mexico now. The house will be waiting for ya!

Can’t wait to see the new house.

me neither :P

We had ours built back in 2001-2002 by a Developer here in Ontario 🇨🇦 … it was quite stressful. But we were very happy choosing all our own materials and finishes … we used as much natural wood as possible and it ages well… oak floors, Cherry kitchen cabinets etc.

Hello @roelandp, leuk je te ontmoeten. Thank you for introducing yourself, once again in a very humble way, and reminding those who you know you that you are much more than how you humbly describe yourself.

First of all, massive congratulations on the house. It is not easy at all to put it together yourself, but you'll do just fine. And good luck with the hearing!! Looking forward to the hive shag. Better prepare a ticket system coz a lot of hivers might wanna call dibs haha.

Secondly, as soon as I saw you weren't organising this hive fest I had 2 thoughts.
1- oh man, that's different. Feels weird.
2- he has surely given off his baby to the right hands.
Right hands is right. There is so much excitement around the hive fest and looks like it is going to be amazing!

Thanks for giving us an update. I can't wait to meet you soon...whenever that is.

thank you blind! very kind words. I will write some script then for the reservations :P

Happy to see your post here. 😘

Can you still dedicate an awesome attire(costume if you will) for the HiveFest even though you will not attend? That will surely miss❤️

hahaha :) i'm in dirty worker clothes these days :)

A HIVE OG right there. Cool to see you out and about!

I'm super interested to be able to watch and see some things that go on at hive fest being that I wont be able to go. That's horrible to hear about the house and the neighbor down the road I'm sure that's going to leave everyone on good terms lol But I hope it all works out in the end and you can start building asap again before that cold weather starts to set in. All the best to you on that and totally understandable why you can't make hivefest.

oooh @roelandp 😁 We can always pass by and make a bit of Hivefest at your place LOL. And the "Hive Shag" is on our list 😁 We hope finishing up the house will get easier and you can finally move in 🙂 By the way.. See you at TechEx Blockchain 😅

What a hard decision @roelandp to have to choose to go to this great event or continue building your home.
As you say, HiveFest is in good hands, while the weather threatens construction, you have made the right choice in finishing the construction of your home, next year you will be enjoying the house that you had the honor of directing the project and you will have the opportunity to be present at HiveFest 24
Congratulations on taking charge of the construction project and may everything go well this week regarding the lawsuit that the neighbor has initiated.
May you enjoy this project very much.

These are great updates man, building a house is extremely hard work. There are so many details to think about and you can't skip any of them because you're going to live there for the rest of your life. I can't make it to Hivefest this year but hopefully I'll make it to the next one or two. Especially if it's in a country close to Turkey.

Mexico was bit stretch for me as well.
I'm sure they will have a great event.

All the best to everyone.!

As much as I enjoy the 20% APR on HBD savings, I get the impression people are selling off their liquid HIVE for HBD savings. I wonder if HIVE and second layer tokens would bounce as other investment opportunities become attractive. As long as HBD remains stable, I would be very happy to see HIVE over $1.

My only concern is the backlash over an interest rate decrease.

Wow!! So you are behind the Hive logo and much more!! I asked myself that question many times, lol. I wish you the best with your house! Of course you need to have it ready as soon as possible! For sure in Mexico the fest is going to be amazingly perfect!

Ha, I posted this as my first post "on Hive" after the fork away from steem:

Wow a lawsuit that is so annoying.
These things seem to happen much more often than one would expect.

yeah it is not fun. especially as it is a pretty close neighbour. feels like a dent in paradise...

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Nice idea, I like the initial design. I have similar plans for the future, but some extravagant ideas are stopping me for now, as I need to secure the land first. The do the design, with an architect, see how I can make my dreams reality, start with the fence and then the building. I have some idea for the roof, that may be problematic in UK (I want the Tesla solar roof, and is available mostly in US) and surprisingly, is £2000 less than a normal roof). The rest is not so difficult, once I have enough land. And the money. :)

Congratulations on building your home Brotha!

Greetings friend, I am from Venezuela #hivefesr is a great initiative, I congratulate you and I wish you much success 🥰

Roeland, you’ve done great job creating this event and what is going happen here is just a continuation what you’ve started. Your little absence, doesn’t change that and it actually feels like you are here. Good luck with your house and those weird far distance neighbours.

Great post, I like your blogs