HiveFest ticket winners announced! HiveFest app with schedule now available!

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In 1 week we meet in Amsterdam. Past days have been pretty crazy. Seems like everyone is working last minute on this somehow :) Last minute registrations, last minute presentation requests, last minute definitions of catering, last minute deliveries of swag swag for the goodie bags. But it is all part of the game actually, no complaints here! Looking forward to seeing you all in Volkshotel!

Three Olympic Winners on a Winner Stage on a bridge in Amsterdam holding their medals in style of Vincent van Gogh

HiveFest Ticket winners - (6x!)

Next to free ticket competitions which some partners held there were also some additional give aways: One together with @hiveio for sharing the HiveFest (Attendee) card, and one this week for the #HiveChat competition. All in all 6 tickets to give away!

Without further ado, the winners are:

Hive community member winners will receive an encrypted link containing a registration. Tickets can only be used for yourself, or given away, not resold.

For the twitter winners, will reach out via Twitter.

Congratulations and see you next week!

HiveFest App

HiveFest App with schedule now available!

This year a lean and mean app is setup on Click on the hamburger menu to install it on your homescreen. (Basically go to your browser's menu / share settings and click "Add to Homescreen").

The app consists of the schedule (might have some minor tweaks!), venues of the event, Amsterdam DIY tourist sights and a DIY audiotour.

Install / visit now through!

Note: For instant updates and important notifications, join the HiveFest Telegram group:

Other news:

  • Warning - Ticket prices rise tomorrow!
  • Submit your artwork for the NFTShowroom Art Alley (read more here)

That's it for now, next week some final news leading up to the event. See you in Amsterdam!

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Rewards go to @hivefest using beneficiaries.

See you on chain (and in A'dam!)


Glückwunsch @detlev

Wow! Congratulations to the winners, this is a dream being truth. I will watch it online, hope one day can join you guys!

Well that totally rocks! It's a pricy venture getting to Amsterdam for this one so winning a ticket helps a great deal! Thank you and I can't wait!

Congrats man!! #LFG

Thank you! So happy!


Thanks so much! See you Thursday!

Too bad I won't be able to join despite it being no too far from my place ...
This event is an important part of what gives Hive value, kudos to Roeland for organizing it !

long live hivefest!

Congratulations to the winners!

See you on chain (and in A'dam!)

Definitely in A'dam! I could even practice my Dutch there, that is probably so rusted that I should not even try to practice it (I haven't spoken a word in Dutch since 1999...).

Whoooooooot I won 🙌

Thanks a lot and see you soon in Adam

a !BEER for you dear @roelandp

Cheers and congrats!


Pls use capital letter


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Holy. I REALLY need to let this sink in. This is so awesome! I got to find me a room, or a floor to sleep on. LOL

Thank you so much @roelandp! Dang! Kinda speechless!

Congratulations to all! See you next week to this awesome event!

Counting down

That's awesome. Big congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the winners.

Congrats to the winners and it will be see yall there. See ya next week!

Holy shit!! KIJK dit dan!

Awesome gast! Tot dan!

@rubencress will you come :)


Hey @roelandp, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

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Thanks so much @roelandp - not only for hosting #HiveChat this week on Twitter (even with how busy you are so close to #HiveFest) but for doing the ticket giveaway as well!

Congratulations to all the ticket winners!

As for me, since I sadly can't make it for a myriad of reasons, I'm absolutely planning to be glued to the livestream. Can't wait!

Congratz to the winners! See you guys on Hivefest 🙌

Congrats to all winners! Winning a ticket is so amazing. I won mine a couple of fests ago, and had the fun of a lifetime. Hope that's the case for the winners this time around!

Congratulations to the winners❤️😁.

Congratulations to the winners.
Looking forward to meeting many of you next week. :)

Congratulations to all winners


I can't wait to be in the physical presence of some of the members in this great community. I consider myself a very absent user, but I'll try to keep it up, and learning with the best ones! See you soon!!!

It would be my first time ever in the HiveFest! Can't wait to meet you all! Still snuggling with the last minute preparations, since my last days at work has been completely crazy "mode" on... See you soon!

Hi @roelandp have a question:
Every Monday we run the ecency discord posting topic #edtopic
For tomorrow and this week I plan to go with something like "hive fest for those who stay at home" .. their plans, what they want to watch and so on.
The question: would it be okay if I include #hivefest tag as suggestion for the people joining and my announcement post?
Or do you think, no thats not what you want to see in this tag?

This is really going to be awesome
Craving to be a part of it some day, let me see how lucky things get by the next meetup . Congratulations to all winners much love