Registration for HiveFest⁵ opened up. Free (till Dec. 7th). Blue man n00bs & branding in VR.

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Overwhelmed by the amount of people who actually mentioned in the range of "finally a good reason to obtain a VR headset", last weeks announcement's comments was good for my enthusiasm.
HiveFest 2020

This week I invested in setting up a big Amazon Machine Image for streaming HiveFest and some 3d modelling. It's funny and weird at the same time. As the event happens in Virtual Reality, all is happening in a simulation. (oh my and is our "real life" also a simulation?)

Livestreaming this is not only for documenting purposes but also for those who won't be able to join in AltspaceVR, because no mac/win or headset... This meant setting up a windows computer with OBS streaming software, multiple vantage points, run AltspaceVR a couple of times on 1 machine, circumventing "session" limits of the AltspaceVR software and some other challenges. But its tested and running now.

Conferences badges & wristbands are in!

You can get them once you enter HiveFest with your secret codeword. In order to get your HiveFest access link and registration code, you actually need to register...

As of now, Registration for HiveFest 2020 is open on
The event is free for anyone to attend, but in order to prepare well (as crowds bring challenges for AltspaceVR room duplication and cross-spawning) I urge you to register early. Early, as in now.

If you fail to register before 7th of December a registration fee of 50 HBD is required. If you even then fail until 14th of December a registration fee of 100 HBD is required.

Register for now

Blue n00bs of AltspaceVR

Don't be a blue man n00b

Once you have registered on I urge you to download AltspaceVR instantly. Only through AltspaceVR's apps you can setup your account which you need to access HiveFest when it happens.

Log in to AltspaceVR and change your default avatar, "the blue n00b" into something which either resembles you, or don't, that's up to you. But at least it's recommended to change your avatar so HiveFest won't be the big blue n00b gathering. Your avatar is your virtual reality version of you.

Sponsor and get some nice VR perks

As said, producing this one is significantly less costly then a real life event like HiveFest was past 4 years. However I would love to rake in a little bit of sponsorship / donations to cover some of the costs involved. (I will come up with cost explanation in a HiveDao Proposal soon).

If you go to to register your attendance, on the form you can voluntarily swipe the donation slider. Donations come with some perk-levels which might be fun for some of you:

  • HBD 25++ 🙇‍ 📝 Wall of fame mention in HiveFest world.
  • HBD 75++ 🙇‍ 📝 🌟 Golden hivestar conference badge for you and wall of fame mention.
  • HBD 250++ 🙇‍ 📝 🌟 🏀 Sponsor option: Interactive basketballs with your logo and colors for attendees to play hoops on Hive Court. (+ all other perks)
  • HBD 1000++ 🙇‍ 📝 🌟 🏀 📣 Sponsor option: Sponsorship recognition, banner on-site. (+ all other perks)
  • HBD 5000++ 🙇‍ 📝 🌟 🏀 📣 🌎 Sponsor option: Your own virtual world/stage/booth adjacent to HiveFest. (+ all other perks)

Sponsorships/donations can be HBD/Hive paid to @hivefest. Other (crypto) transfer options can be arranged. Please see the instructions in the Registration Confirmation email.

HiveFest on Air @ Crypto Queen Episode 21:

This sunday I'm invited for a HiveFest interview with @littlescribe on the Crypto Queen show on Pulse Discord:

That's it for this weeks update. Have a nice weekend.

All liquid rewards from this post go to @hivefest.


See you there :)

Registered and ready to go, I'm going to be that one dude out of everyone who has actual real hands. ;) Well nevermind, seems they removed leap motion support some time ago and everyone has hands these days. (I've not been on altspace in years)

Registered, downloaded the app, customised my avatar, learning AltSpaceVR, considering getting a VR headset (not fully sold on it yet, though).

The difference between 2D and VR is impressive.
Tried 2D before getting my VR headset a few days ago, I'm glad I made the choice to buy one. I will definitely make HF5 more enjoyable to me.
No buy advice, just sharing my own experience.

@arcange, how much did you pay for your VR headset? And what is the model?

I ordered an Oculus Quest 2 64GB, at standard retail price (€349)

I can't wait to see how @roelandp will be dressed now that the physical plane can't hold him back

gonna do it now otherwise I'll forget!! Thanks

My headset should be here this weekend and I can't wait to try it out!

Just registered and I am getting Altspace VR right now. Hopefully they have some cool options for my avatar.

I should have a Valve Index coming my way in the next couple of weeks. I may actually join this year!

@roelandp, could you tell me/us if we can obtain some decent VR headsets for approximately 150-200 HBD?

There is the most economic option out there which is the Oculus Go, but it comes with one caveat: support for the device is phasing out starting december. Not only for AltspaceVR, but for the whole OS / VR updates. So you could only use it for one HiveFest and after that it would rapidly become an obsolete device.

I understand 300 USD (min) or 349 EUR is still quite a steep price. But if you like the new tech / games / dimension in brings it can be much more than a one-day entry to HiveFest. I'm at least a fan of VR now.

Depending on consumer rights, you could maybe also try one and return it if you don't like it, not sure how that works in your area.

Alternatively: there are 2d apps for mac & windows available:

You had me at free registration and VR!
Have registered as I already have the Oculus Rift S for VR gaming, but now I can actually attend HiveFest without worrying about the money and I love being in VR.

Thanks for doing this, hopefully a lot more people decide to get VR headsets just to attend and then realise the potential of VR itself.

Congratulations and awesome idea

curious to see how this plays out. Success in this endeavor @roelandp

I"m pretty sure I registered by the 7th, but how do I check?

And just wondering but how do we know when it starts, and where do I find you on Altspace? I did download Altspace though I'm yet to find a headset.

A bit new to me but I'm going to give it a go.

I was impressed that it works in 2D mode on my crappy old PC. I've set up my avatar and am ready to rock!


Yes, I was pleasantly surprised with the 2d mode and can't wait to see how it will work out at HiveFest :)

Wait so for those of us who won’t have a VR headset, we just watch the livestream? Should we still register?

AltspaceVR is also available for Mac / Windows!

AltspaceVR is available for multiple VR devices but also has a 2D App for Windows/Mac

Read here on "how to get started on AltspaceVR win/mac/vr".

Should you not have a Win or Mac, you could consider Virtualbox or a cloud computer for the duration of the event.

Alternatively you can watch the livestream, then registration is not required.

It will be more fun to join in as you can only interact with fellow attendees through the AltspaceVR software, which is possible on win/mac/vr.

I got my Oculus quest 2 and have been using it a couple days ... even jumped into altspace vr and took it for a spin (friended roelandp)

I understand now way better how it's gonna be. We should get a group and jump in there soon and record it so that people get a sense of how well it should work so that they're motivated to grab their VR rig sooner than later before the Christmas rush causes not much to be available.

On another note what is the sponsorship money going towards? Is there a lot of expenses beyond the new computer? Does altspacevr charge you? Should we have the expectation that this is like a job for you?

It would be cool to connect a bunch of people with VR headsets that want to join but don't have the money that's what a lot of past sponsorship money was for right? (not certain but that was my perception)

Another note... you say 75hbd donation gives you a gold star but there is no 75hbd option on your site... only 100hbd it skips from 50 to 100 hbd


Looking forward to hanging out with you again, @jarvie – this time in VR! ;)

Awesome idea about getting a group to hang out in the Altspace VR to show people what it will be like.

I'm guessing it should be @roelandp since he has the vision of what hivefest could be like and could paint that picture during our hangout. I think it should be really soon since some oculus quest 2 are pretty far delayed people need to be thinking about getting one asap

@derangedvisions are you up and running with VR already?

@jarvie @derangedvisions great idea.

Scheduled for coming thursday, hope you can make it!

Just hop in and out, no plans or scheduled talks. Testing streaming and maybe we do a brief chat which we can show off?

I'll try to make sure i have some good internet and will see you there. Hope you let some more people know about it as well.

@roelandp have you told anyone about the show off meet-up today besides tagging me and deranged?

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I want one two

Really interesting and smart idea - too bad I don't own a VR headset :(

This is news, very good, moving in the right direction!🙂

The "Hall of Fame" might be an interesting way of promotion for communities. How would that look like?

Hi - I registered, does this work with a Mac?!?

I believe so. you should be able to get it here

Very nice concept and a great idea I have never attended a hivefest but the vr headset is quite expensive here

Thanks, this would do

Quick question: Is there a way to view this event on a Mac computer? The reason why I ask is because I don't own a PC.

for the rewards

Greetings Michael


Yeah! Excellent!!!
See you there sisters & borthers!😀🎊🎉🍻

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