Announcing the Travel Reimbursement Fund for HiveFest⁷

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HiveFest is the annual event that celebrates all things related to the Hive blockchain. The event is usually held in a different city each year, and in 2022, it will be held in Amsterdam from 15 till 18 September.

The Travel Reimbursement Fund is a way to help offset the costs of travel for Hive users who want to attend HiveFest. The fund is supported by donations from the Hive community.

The idea behind this fund is to make it possible for as many people each with their own specific economic status to come to HiveFest. Anyone can donate to @t-r-f by sending Hive or HBD.

If you are interested in attending HiveFest in Amsterdam, but are worried about the cost of travel, the Travel Reimbursement Fund may be able to help you by reimbursing a portion of your travel expenses.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to help members of our community. We believe that by coming together in person, we can create even stronger bonds and further grow the Hive community.

How the HiveFest Travel Reimbursement Fund works

During the HiveFest days, on-site only (proof of attendance), attendees can apply to get their part of the donated funds. How much everyone receives is calculated based on the single-leg distance from originating airport to destination (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport).

Everyone can choose to apply or not. Applying is required should you want to receive a part of the donation pie, and if you decide not to apply, you basically give up your piece, which will result in a bigger piece for the applicants.

A couple of days after HiveFest, all calculations and fund distributions are done on-chain and the @t-r-f will be emptied through the following distribution:

  1. Base Pay: Allocating 10% of the donated funds to distribute evenly to every applicant for the Reimbusement Funds. Formula: 1/total_applicants * (total_funds * 10%)
  2. Adding up all single-leg distances from the applicants.
  3. Per applicant share formula:
    Base Pay (see 1) + (user_single_leg_distance / total_single_leg_distances * (total_funds * 90%)).

Get rewarded with a Hivebuzz badge

For several years, the Hivebuzz team has supported this initiative and offers a badge to everyone who makes a donation to @t-r-f.

You can read this post for more information about it.

@t-r-f is now open for funding!

If you want to support fellow Hive users to lower their travel expenses, please supply any amount of HBD or HIVE you want to donate:

  • Simply transfer any amount of HBD to @t-r-f (note the dashes between the letters).
  • Additionally you could set @t-r-f as a beneficiary on your future posts!

On behalf of all HiveFest attendees, thank you for your support!

PS: The rewards for this post will of course be added to the fund


It's great to see @t-r-f back! :-)

It would be great to see #roadtohivefest posts about means of transport to get to the HiveFest.
How it was for you for previous HiveFests if you participated (well, slightly different name back then;-) )
Time spent (door-to-door)? Costs? Tips&Tricks?

Oh, by the way, take a look at @soyrosa's Long Post with tips for HiveFest attendees traveling to Amsterdam

Wonderful Idea 🙏

This idea of supporting those that wish to be at the hivefest is great

It's a really good idea to generate funds to assist those who will be going for the trip. Good luck to this amazing project.

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This is amazing stuff. Where else can we see such events :)

It is a great initiative. These acts are the ones that add a lot of value to the HIVE Blockchain


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Can't go this year (am unvaxxed)- but happy to help someone else go!!! I hope you all have a fabulous time! There is something very special about getting together with people that you've only known online!!! So hope that more can go next year! ❤️

sending a little donation now 😊

you don't need to be vaxxed for HiveFest or visiting NL, depending on your origin of entry. If within Schengen, no problems at all. You could travel through a more laxed schengen country for entry if you are from outside of schengen. Or if you have had covid in past 180 days you can also enter. Plus I don't think they really check.

At least in NL there is nothing, no health pass, no QR, fortunately.

Here is an article about all this on the HiveFest FAQ:

really? wow - I literally checked about vaccinations right before making my comment. hahahaha because I was thinking - is there any way I could go!?!?

The news was still saying that Netherlands was not allowing unvaccinated. (but it doesn't surprise me that the news on this isn't up to date on these things... or even being unclear. LOL)

I am in California... it is very late for me to consider this as I haven't planned for it at all (but it's fun to drEEm ol). Prices for things now would most likely be peak, but have there been any decisions on where and when the next one would be? So many people are hungering for connection these days! I literally look around hive and speak to so many people who are just... hurting. From so many things - but the thing that is most common - is people feel so alone. It's terrible what covid did physically. but the after effects are possibly more soul-destroying.

Anyway - I don't want this to be a depressing comment! For the future, I thought just now of a really fun option for a hivefest... lol Maybe after this hive fest is finished, I'll drop some comments for you to give fun ideas if you ever need them! DreemPort and all the dreemers would be happy to help. We do fun well hahaha

Going to read your article above now! thanks for getting back to me, and sorry for such a small donation to the @t-r-f. I know it all adds up, but I still would like to give more. It's all I had liquid at the time - but I will be getting some payouts this week and would love to send $25 to add to the pot!

have a sweet Sunday, @roelandp!!! :) talk soon if you like!

September 15 is my birthday!! I’d love to be there, but I’ll be in Argentina by that time, I really hope to be able to join the next year!! It seems like it’s gonna be absolutely amazing!! 🤩