T-R-F HiveFest 2022 Payouts executed!

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27,000+ single line distance travel kilometers have been claimed by 9 HiveFest attendees.

Based on the announced calculation rule the available funds in the T-R-F wallet have been distributed.

10% divided amongst all attendees
90% divided by single line distance to Amsterdam (vs total)

Some 300 extra liquid HBD has been added from @hivefest's wallet to also take into consideration the Hive Power (615 HP) which is now being powered down back into @hivefest.

Payouts can be seen in the wallet transactions!

Thank you to all donating community members! Special shout out to @eturnerx all the way from the NZ!


I'm glad I was able to get some support from the fund. During a bear market this really helps.

Family reasons kept me away this year, but hope to see y'all again at a future event.

Thank you very much for the support! ❤️

Congratulations @t-r-f!
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Dear, @t-r-f

May we ask you to review and support our @cryptobrewmaster GameFi proposal on DHF? It can be found here

If you havent tried playing CryptoBrewMaster you can give it a shot. Our @hivefest presentation available here on the YouTube with a pitchdeck of what we building in general

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Thank you!

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