Blu-ray release of Paradise Lost ‘At The Mill’ live show

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Back 6 months ago I made THIS POST about a live streaming show for the gothic metal legends Paradise Lost.

It was a big project for me that spanned a fair amount of time in preparation and execution.
I have worked with the band many times before this show, but this job was different..

Today I’m pleased to say that the full 80+ minute show is available on Blu-ray and CD combo, complete with an exclusive behind the scenes film and full band Q&A!

There are a few cool write ups about the release, this being one

Without further ado, a full preview video of their stand out track ‘Darker Thoughts’ taken from the live show can be seen here which has been recently released. It racked 10k views in the first 2 hours 😯

It’s so great to be able to finally share what I was working on so intensely, as previously the contents of the live show were for the eyes of pay-per-view customers only.
But now everyone can own the full show to watch as many times as they like!

This production was slap bang in the middle of lockdown.

So our choices were pretty limited in what/how/where we could really do this.
If I were to do it again I’d get together a slightly bigger crew to increase coverage of the action but I’m really happy with what we captured under the pressures we were under.


The actual Blu-ray and live CD can be pre-ordered as a bundle here!

I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the physical release!
I’ve no idea how it looks inside the sleeve artwork or how the menu looks/works.


Cheers for reading and if you are a supporter of the band who has ordered this then do let me know :) @ashtv


nice work. looks really good

Thanks for the comments and kind words man 😁

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Bloody great mate.., though meeting that guitarist down a dark alley at night could be dangerous!

...'And this one-way street you're on
Is gonna get you killed

Best avoid alleyways and metal bands!
You might accidentally photobomb the next magazine front cover spread of the next big thrash band haha

Glad you like it man. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a proper copy!