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Anyone got VR?


It’s insane tech, isn’t it?

I recently did some greenscreen filming alongside @jackshootsstuff on a VR game project.

The job was to shoot static shots of various subjects playing the game on a green infinity-curve, in Leeds.


Some got the hang of VR stuff better than others.


The game itself is a fitness based game - whether it be boxing or dance class or whatever physical.

The shoot was for a commercial around how players immerse themselves in the world.


The headset was so much fun, we even got to have a go during lunch 😂

Here’s Jack (again) - not sure if anyone filmed my go but the evidence certainly isn’t on my phone!


It was a pretty steady project to be involved with. Once things were setup on the camera side it was a case of repeating the same actions with different individuals, following the shot list and directors suggestions.



It was ace fun though and very educational.

I might pick up a VR set for Christmas, if I have a spare £500 kicking about 😬

And after filming I went out to smash ten bells out of a drum set 🤘🏻 First time in ages and it felt great.



Yay! 🤗
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Looks like an interesting assignment. I haven't played much with VR. Maybe you should get a rig for @hivefest next month.


That’s such a good shout!
I might be able to borrow my brothers set.
Never even thought of that. Ace!

VR? not at all.

I admire those who play drums a lot and I have about four friends who do that greatly but that is one of the skills I find challenging to learn.
It's good to see you tried it out after a while.

VR and drums are fun! Combined - I bet it’s amazing!

All right friend. Enjoy.

It should be an interesting month for new VR headset releases. I am sure the technology will be much more advanced very soon with new hi res displays and lens technology on the horizon. Valve Decard sounds very interesting and future proof.
Looks like a fun project

Oooh I’ll have to Google Valve Decard! Sounds interesting indeed!

A guy called Sadlyitsbradly on the youtube is a very good investigator in all things VR.

Nice, I've always been suspicious of VR... Im pretty sure I'd wreck the place with a headset on


The clever thing about this tech is it sets ‘boundaries’ in the room/space you’re in. So if your hand goes over this drawn out safe zone then it all turns red and alerts you. It’s proper amazing!

So you should be safe. Unless a kid or loved ones comes walking towards you and you accidentally crack them over the skull.

Yeah, maybe best avoiding haha

The boundaries sound amazing, Sadly my boy likes to run and jump at me to catch him when I least expect it. So explaining to a doctor why I punched the kid in the eye...

I didn't mean to doc I was Fighting zombies!

Might be best left 🤣

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