Keychain is added to Hive DAO

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I decided not to wait for official updates by browsers and added Hive Keychain for voting/unvoting/creating proposals on Hive DAO.

You can follow guides by @stoodkev to install (Chrome version) or @someguy123 to install (Firefox version) right now.

The process of using Keychain remains the same. Just click on Vote with Keychain and confirm the transaction.


If you want to look for which proposals you've voted for, don't forget to log in.


To support my work (Hive DAO, Hive Apps DB), please consider voting for @dmitrydao witness using PeakD or Hive Signer

Stay safe and Hive on.


Thank you for the quick development.

I am using hive signer for now but it doesn't show on whether I am supporting a proposal.

Is that going to be fixed?

I have to scroll through all the accounts that voted on a proposal in order to see that I voted.

Edit - Also, some lists are taking too long to load.

If you want to see which proposals you're supporting, simply log in with keychain. I guess you weren't able to do that before this update.

About the loading for voters, I'll fix it during this week when I have more time. Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for the quick response, I will use keychain once it's ready for regular users.