HiveFest⁵ @ AltspaceVR funding support proposal.

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Note: HiveFest used to be called "name that should not be said, representing a centralised database"-FEST. Since Hardfork 23 we rebranded into Hive, remember :)

HiveFest⁵ is coming up on 18+19 December. After 4 years travelling across the world we go into the Virtual Reality (using AltspaceVR's social software available for Mac/Windows and VR headsets) and this year's edition will be free of charge as there is not 5 days of food, drinks, venues, tech, people to hire and house.

Free of charge, yet not free of costs. I hope the blockchain will be able to pay up some of them. This proposal seeks to cover part of the costs detailed below through a marginal @Hive.Fund request.


A free HiveFest⁵, a way to promote our blockchain.

As always, HiveFest will nourish relationships, educate and entertain. As previous years' IRL editions saw a high entry barrier (ticketprice, hotel, flights) one had to be really sure to take the leap and decide to come. This led to mainly Hive users attending the event. Obviously not a lost decision, as it was always epic times.

With this free version it is different. The entry barrier to join the event is removed. One only needs a computer (or VR headset for the full experience). As seen in pre-events and other events in AltspaceVR this instantly draws outsiders to these active worlds through the discovery tabs in the AltspaceVR software. A unique way to share the word about Hive out there.

On a side-note, this is also why I found the need to have a simple "picture / info panel"-based exposition introducing Hive ELI5 in the HiveFest⁵ AltspaceVR main lobby area. This way Hive users can point "outsiders" to the exposition in the corner. More over, this HIVE ELI5 Area can stay open for future events / meetings and function as permanent introduction to the Hive blockchain in VR.

Additionally, as the event integrates the Hive blockchain and the AltspaceVR experience in several so-called "Mixed Reality Extension SDK"-apps I'm trying to get the attention of the owner of AltspaceVR: Microsoft Corp. Since I started working on the event more thorough a couple of weeks ago I have been on bi-daily contact with representatives about the event and keep them updated on the attendee registration count and "Mixed Reality Extensions SDK"-apps being developed for the event to show off the seriousness of the choice for AltspaceVR and through that the Hive Blockchain.

Definitely not everybody reading this proposal is a big fan of Microsoft. But I think it is interesting to explore such paths and trigger attention at least. Of course the core spirit of HiveFest, which is "to be together and enjoy", will continue this year, thanks to the immersiveness of VR and thus realise the goal of "internal PR" for the Hive ecosystem and community. On top of that at a bare minimum HiveFest will have inspired outsiders like Microsoft how events can also be organised in AltspaceVR, show off unique ways to interact in (their) VR (acquisition) and hopefully promote the Hive blockchain beyond that.

The HiveFest Finesse, this year in VR.

Yes, I am a developer by day. But I'm also an "occasional event organiser". A hobby grown from my original hospitality background (originally I studied Hospitality Industry Management) and worked for several years at several big dutch festivals/events either directly within the organisation (TodaysArt) or allied as developer for companies working at several festivals. This, plus running a PDF based magazine attending & reporting on festivals led me to have an excessive experience (and love for how to run) in events.

When I initiated HiveFest 4½ years ago my event organising gears started revving up again. The first edition resulted in many sleepless nights, as I didn't want to forget anything and touch on everything detail. I lost 10 kg (22 lbs) leading up to the event, but it was great to see so many having a good time and complaining "it was too short".

Generally when organising this event (and others) I don't want to leave anything to chance and prepare everything into finest detail. Organising in VR is easier. There are less variables compared to a multiday real-life event spread out over several venues (physically separated) per day.

I could have just chosen to set a date, fire up AltspaceVR a couple of hours before the start of the event on December 18th, launch a so-called "Quick Event" in the configurator and see where we go from there. But that is not me. That would be the same as organising HiveFest in the local library for a couple of hours and then just let everyone part their ways. No. I want to offer an experience. Multi venues, multi activities, keep things dynamic. So since about a month ago I've been exploring and testing the possibilities of AltspaceVR. And started working on deeper integrations to make the event as special as VR can offer and have that HiveFest finesse which some of you have gotten to experience the past 4 years in Amsterdam, Lisbon, Krakow and Bangkok.

Costs involved with HiveFest 5 in AltspaceVR:

Denoted in EURO

HiveFest5 real costs budget
Hardware: headsets, power€1,200.00
Physical location rental (3 days) for event (fiber optic connectivity needed)€500.00
Livestreaming hardware / streaming costs€500.00
Developing HiveFest event world, 3D models€2,000.00
Third party Mixed Reality Extension apps€500.00
Developing Mixed Reality Extension apps€5,000.00
Event production (2 people - total 4 weeks time 50+ hrs @ 85 EUR)€17,000.00
Promotion (PR, coincalendars, some advertising (Peakd, Twitter))€1,000.00
Unforeseen 0.5%€138.50
VAT 21%€5,846.10

That is 40,0084 USD which at time of writing equals to about 45,000 HBD

Funding requested: 9,000 HBD

Personally speaking, HiveFest is the only thing on my mind these days. I am less stressed than for a real life edition, mainly because many variables are owned by myself. I don't need to count on some vague TukTuk rental company whom I'm in contact with through translation software. Less stress is great. I don't complain. Also, I like what I do. I love it. Personally I will spend north of 50 hours / week for 6 weeks on Hivefest minimum. In software developer salary that would be 6 x 50 x 100/hr = 30,000 USD (ex VAT). But thats not what I'm asking here. Let's go for less than 1/4th of that, which is aiming for 10,000 HBD. Out of which it looks like 1,000 HBD will almost get funded through individual sponsorships (!!) and therefore the requested total payment will be 9,000 HBD.

Payment details

  • Payout scheme: speedy 4 x 2,250 HBD/day rather than spread out over a long course.
  • Beneficiary: @HiveFest
  • Payout scheduled dates: Dec 11th - Dec 15th 2020

Voting details: Proposal #142 (the answer to everything)

Vote via your favorite platform:

Thank you for your review & consideration,
See you at HiveFest (don't forget to register before December 7th!)

@roelandp /// HiveFest


HiveFest used to be called "name that should not be said, representing a centralised database"

It's impossible to think of a better start !!! Thanks for the work you've done. Avatar set up, proposal voted!


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Awesome work man, you are such an asset to Hive and I appreciate all your hard work. I'll send my community over as well to see if we can get more support for this on our end :)

This is so cool and I want to spend more time preparing but I'm fully booked off-Hive lately - I actually put in my Calendar to spend a few hours on this coming Sunday - hoping to create my Avatar and start spreading the word en get people to sign up before December 7th <3 Thanks for preparing what I can only assume will be a very special edition of HiveFest Roeland! Memorable in it's own way, for so so many reasons :')

U got my Support! Thanks for your hard work!


Good to see Hivefest at the corner.

Voted, though I don't have a VR Headset.

Please note you can run AltspaceVR from Mac and Windows too, without a VR headset in their 2D experience.


thanks for your vote!

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Thank you for making this happen man!

Voted for the proposal and excited for HiveFest :)

Thanks for HiveFest which is an important annual event for Hive and wish you good luck with your very fair proposal 👍 I made my modest contribution by voting for it 😉

Witness FR - Gen X - Geek 🤓 Gamer 🎮 traveler ⛩️
Don't miss the Hive Power UP Day! more info here

Voted to support. Great work, and IMO absolutely worth at minimum what you've requested. Thank you for doing this.

iExcite :-)


Out of curiosity, could you break down some of the costs a bit more and explain what equipment is needed? I've never used AltspaceVR before so I don't know much about it.

Livestreaming hardware / streaming costs

What kind of hardware are you looking into using? Are you going to have to run a server or something to host this little virtual world? What are the streaming costs?

Physical location rental (3 days) for event (fiber optic connectivity needed)

Does this fall into the same question I asked above? Or is it just for fun as a 'studio space'?

Promotion (PR, coincalendars, some advertising (Peakd, Twitter))

Does that mean actual Twitter advertising space? That'd be cool.

Developing HiveFest event world, 3D models

Is there anyone from Hive doing this? It would be cool to see someone hired through Hive to contribute to it.

Do you have plans to reuse all of this stuff again in the future? More virtual events for community purposes?

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Supported of course

The client AltSpaceVR downloaded for this ends in a "Unable to Teleport" error. I'll make sure I have my passport in my pocket the next time I try. (Just kidding)

Voted of course, looking forward to the event I'm sue it will be an immersive Hive experience.