Announcing the first NFT for PSYBER X -Requirements for the drop

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Hello everyone!
We’re so happy everyone loved our official trailer.
We’re excited to give details about the first NFT for PSYBER X.
It will be redeemable in game, but if you do not have possession of it (for example you sell it) you will lose the benefits of the NFT.
The first NFT for PSYBER X will be a founders edition! (Similar to most games, but ours is a bit different) there will be a limited amount, and no more will ever be made. A special thank you from the team.

Requirements for the NFT drop are:
You must have a minimum of 5,000,000 lvl token in your wallet at the designated time.
Designated time of counting for qualifying wallets will take place on Sunday, October 17th at 5:00pm. A snapshot will be taken of all wallets, and NFTs will be distributed among qualified candidates.

There will also be 15 available Founder Edition NFTs available on for sale. They will be placed for sale on the last day.
Their sale price will be equivalent to 5,000,000 lvl token as of the end of the event.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on discord.

Have fun everyone!


Woops, looking forward to it. I'm a bit short on that but i guess there is enough time to gather more.

5M is like 1% of supply.... Let's do it.

Smart thinking! this I believe will make many of us very happy in the next year!

Cool update! The time window might be a bit tight considering 5 mil tokens, but I guess you'll see how much interest there is ;)

@tipu curate

Indeed I agree, while a bit pricey it also makes me think of other games and if I had just had the opportunity to get in early like this and well... I went heavy after some due diligence and wish I could have gotten more!

Thanks. Not seeing your token on pancake swap.

Nm found it per your pointing me to HE. Thx!

@psyberx - If I purchase LVL would I have a reasonable expectation of profit from trading or holding LVL regardless of whether or not I used LVL in the game?

The idea is this.
The “tokenomics” we plan on using will be quite simple as to not make it over complicated.
To play the game, the player must purchase lvl to enter in(done on the open market) “This can create an upward pressure on the market”
Once in game the player can gain lvl by killing other players, and lose lvl by dying.
It won’t be an absorbent amount to enter, as to not create a large barrier for players (for example Axie)

So in theory even if you never played the game you (could benefit) not investment advice ect

We’ll setup tournaments with low amounts of lvl at stake .001 lvl ect.
Along with higher stake ones for more advanced players

Let me know if this makes sense, or if you have further questions

I thank you for your criticisms. It’s helping us correct and adjust.

Then LVL sounds like a security.

Also for the record, I would never buy your token. I just wanted to get you to admit on the blockchain that your token was actually a security, thanks!

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10 Million....

That's allot.

I just need 9,750,000 more :)

I just adjusted.
It was a bit outrageous

You know anyone with Splinterlands cards and or Land I am interested in a trade of some LVL for some nice Splinterlands stuff? Since I have a few extra yet not dumping as I see it going up much more and very fast!

I missed the land sale so sadly I do not have any. If its BETA or REWARD cards you are after I think we could potentially come to a deal. At what rate are you offering LVL and is there any specific card(s) you are looking to add to your collection?

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