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Please refer to this post by @ecoinstant for reference:

Hello everyone, and thank you @ecoinstant for opening this discussion!
I'd like to break this down, and address these concerns individually and elaborate as much as I can.

Critique #1 -
Yes this is a marketing ploy, but I still believe if we're to the market before other big games, or even other large companies. We can take a lion share of the current market.
When I think blockchain gaming I still only see card games. On the appstores, and consoles do you see card games being the most top ranked? No. The biggest games tend to be FPS games, MMORPGs, or RPGs of many sorts. That's what we're shooting for. Just a nicely placed FPS/TPS on the market.

Critique #2
Many companies use Unity assets for saving time, and cost of designs/development. Even large companies take Unity assets and change things slightly to make them unrecognizable.
It's a Unity store. You can buy many assets from all ranges of games/styles/themes. These assets are owned by the people that purchase them. Yes, we have featured work on our portfolio from the creators of Unity assets, but we have used these assets in full games we have created for clients. I'm unable to name the games we have used these in, or I could give more examples. Everything we have done is completely legal, and we were not trying to be deceptive.
These assets are used in hundreds of other games, and its not frowned upon even in the biggest gaming societies. It was never stated that our game was not using Unity assets, but I believe its important that I address this. In our trailer we have used about 20% unity assets, the environments are all our creations.
This cuts down on costs, and time to release a product to the market. The opposite would leave us in development for many years to come. Imagine creating every particle you see when a bomb goes off in Call of Duty.

Critique #3
I've answered much of this in my AMA, but I'll dive a bit deeper.
AMA link is here:

I've linked to a few multinational companies that we work with, and will speak highly of us if you were to reach out to them.

Yes. I do run my business from my apartment in Huntington Beach, CA(You guys even know where I live...Don't kill me bro) My development team all works remotely, and I believe we all get along better like this. I have 4 full time developers that manage freelancers/subcontractors under them, and I oversee every project. Our freelancers are more of helpers in the sense that they help with uploading applications, small edits to apps/games, general tasks considered time wasted by senior staff(All developers in this community will understand this point).
I'll link to other games we've created for clients in the past. Whether they are still in development, or currently on the appstores(please remember, these are what our clients budgets fit into…we do all kinds of apps!):

We have many more, but these are what I can share!
I hope you understand.

Critique #4
This is the most solid point there is.
I thank @tuck-fheman for helping us realize this point the most.
I'd rather have everything out in the open now, than when the game is launched and we are overrun by an angry mob because of a small glitch in the game.

Thank you in advance everyone.
Please message me with any concerns! My door is always open, and I want to discuss any concern you have every step of the way.
In our eyes, we view you all as our clients.
We're not going anywhere!


Nothing in here talks about you connecting your Unity project to Hive
or what funds you are going to invest into Hive

It is fine to use Assets off of the Unity store we do the same thing. The issue is the Blockchain Assets on Unity are not built for Hive.

are you going to open-source any of your work that connects to Hive???

How are you going to build a community on Hive??

All I have seen so far is Hype. Which is fine but a roadmap of how you are going to help Hive grow would be helpful.

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Also I invite you to read more here:

The value brought to HIVE, we will only be here.
Lvl needs to be had before playing, and there is only one way to purchase lvl.
You have to be on HIVE to play PSYBER X

I have read this.
Saying you have to be on HIVE to play PSYBER X needs to be explained better.

Is a Hive account required????

What does the high level PSYBER X and Hive interaction look like?? You have to something planned out.
It doesn't have to be the exact code but does need to show the flow.

Hello @simplegame !

Thank you for raising this question.
We have two contacts that have a C# library to connect to HIVE, and other in depth integrations.
If one of them will allow us to release it, I would be more than happy to. Unfortunately that's not my decision.
One is from the community, and the other is from a large company from Australia.
They will be seeking to join the blockchain gaming scene soon enough.

It is more than just having the C# library.
It is actually building the Unity Asset and releasing on the Asset store.

I also have C# Hive library code and there is plenty of Python and JS Hive code.

This statement does not give me any confiendce as it is a FLUFF marketing, "we will look into it. Hey! check out how amazing our LARGE partner company (unnamed) is.

Sorry, but to get behind something I want to see real lines of code.

Once we’ve completed what we’re creating, yes, we will make it open source.
We’ll open it to the Dev community, and modding community for the game.

We've already started to build a community.
Sorry, I missed this point.

Awesome. !LUV






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I am chiming in here as I saw a comment about something in the server that said to push back the NFT first 'investor' drop? No, do not do that. Stay on schedule and keep hitting your set parameters and goals. If other people miss out, they miss out. Simple as that. I'm sure there will be other incentives to buy LVL and move the game forward. Stick to your guns and let the bullets fly!

I read allá about it AND i have only messaget yo you, i am very happy to know that hace a big people which know about this kind of technology to explaint all of us that did know nothing about this, for this reason, you should come AND continúes with you development game, go a Brad, AND of you know that you hace the reason people AND you will be happy to see un the future your great game development, ser splinterland it Star very small game but Start without promisses, do it present a products, AND the you received the great support of this amazing comuniti that as you seen Is great.
Go a head Man with your product AND the future here un hive could be brillant.

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