Exode Game - Free Starter Kits for 7 new players

Hi everyone,

We are just seven hours before the release of a major milestone in Exode Game, and this also coincide with the moment when the discounts for early adopters are removed.

Therefore, if you would like to join, this is the time to join with a good discount!

I'm not at all directly linked with the official Exode team, but after discussing with several people on Discord, I realized that there are cases of players that would love to join the game, but don't afford the entry cost (yes, the situation in some countries might be more dramatic than we can imagine...)

And this for me is the moment to come with a generous offer: the first 7 players that will join the game within the next 7 hours, using my referral code, will get a full reimbursement of the costs for one of the three starter kits (equivalent of $5, fully paid in STEEM).


The game offers an referral program, giving both the referral and the referee two free booster packs, and an Elite card when ten referrals are reached.

Join now, for a free starter kit, with my referral code: 0db8650 (referral link)!

Hope to see as many people inside the game!


Done! :) I hope that I was in time!

Wonderfull! You made it just in time! The $5 is currently equivalent to 26.50 STEEM. To which account should I transfer this amount?

Sweet @steemmillionaire! This account name is fine to use on Hive or on Steem. :)


Here it goes, @rolandofeld:

Hope to see you in the game!

I already used yours!!

Yes, and I hope to get 7 more people, so that we get also the Elite card 😉

@steemmillionaire wow that's so nice of you , and nice post just reblog ed your post.