Meeting you was my highlight this year too! We're definitely NOT going another 4 years before seeing each other again. 💜 (And yes, I'm going to cook you ALL the things so you'll have to have your appetite ready!)

LOVE you and thank YOU for inviting me over and the hugs and all the laughs and being YOU. 😘 🤗💞

"What I didn't know then but now do is she also drives the speed limit..."

Well.... I don't remember Ohio having a speed limit. Pretty sure they're more into 'choose your own adventure' when it comes to speeds. 😜

I #blamechicago for adding extra hours to the trip. Next time I'm going to aim to hit it around 3 AM to avoid their insane traffic. 😉

Chicago IS really BAD......

and :D about Ohio! no one lives there anyway loll

I hope it doesn't take another 3 years. That would make me cry.

LOVE YOU and thanks for always putting up with me!!

She didn't even speed up to get to spend more time there??? 🤯 Still, better safe than sorry!

Correct!! That is a very long drive to do all alone!!

and it was so worth it in the end :D

I'm glad you two were able to make such a great memory ❤️



Fyi, this account was flagged for plagiarism a couple of times before it went quiet back in October of 2018. The fact that it's suddenly active & asking for donations now is beyond suspicious, as well as hurting the credibility of the legit fundraising efforts. I've downvoted this comment as well as the post.

please delete your comment.

Spamming comments is frowned upon by the community. Continued comment spamming may result in the account being Blacklisted.

hehehe i remember seeing this video of you two giggling! LOLOL I didn't realize that she had only spent 24 hours there!!!! oh my gosh - wow!!! 15 hour drive - and BACK - for a day there!

but that is so much fun - and so.... mmmm it's one of those things that you'll never ever forget.
so special!!!

I just finished mine too! hehehe and I'll give you ONE GUESS what it is hahahahahahahaha geeeeeee so hard to guess it right? LOLOLOL

love you my shnookums - i hope you're sleeping nice and sweetly!
talk to you when you wake! hahaha

It really was a very special day!!! and yes, 24 hours!!

I am so so lucky!!

I did finally get sleep so now trying to catchup :D

Perfect I love(d) this!!

Thank You!!
It was the best 24 hours :D


This was one of my favorites too!!!!

Thanks :D

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