Hustling away! First steps taken for my own business!

The first steps are always hard to take!

For a long time, my life was put on hold. Most days were ruled by fear but with all the power in me, I have beaten the monster! Now the time has come to make my biggest dream come true! Starting my own business!

I thought long and hard about every step until I realised I was spending more time on thinking and seeing bears on the road instead of making things happen! I made a plan and started!


First things first: I need designs!

So, the answer to that is create!

So I kept drawing and drawing until I found a figure I really enjoyed! The bird was born. I created my shop, started to contact printers, found myself a name long ago so that was already perfect! I am still creating my own studio but that is also coming along nice! I invested the last 2 years in great supplies. Tested many and made a pick and bought what I was going to need.

I dont have a opening date yet but I feel I am coming close! I will take my sweet time though. I want to do this correct and not mess up too much!


Mistakes I will make, I shall!

While I kept holding myself because if this weird feeling that I would fail or that I could not do it, I hurt myself! I no longer want to hurt myself or hold myself back! I still love to work on things in the shadows/behind the scene but I also feel the need to step into the light!

The fear of making mistakes is still there and that is okay as long as I don't let myself rule by it! The emotion fear is not always wrong! At times, most of the time it's a perfect system to protect yourself. Of course I am scared to go bankrupt but so what? Would that be the end of my world? Nope, so here we go! I know I can draw, I can create and next to all that, I am a good person! This means I will always do my best to fix mistakes and come up with bright ideas! It's time to show the world what I can do! I have done it long enough for others! It's me time now!



Stickers? Why not! We all need stickers in our lives! Because of reasons and stickersss... Duh!!!
Soon available in my own shop!

Yesterday and today, I worked on the designs for these stickers! I think they turned out amazing! I already showed them to a hand full of people I trust to hear their reactions and they were all what I hoped to be! Made me smile and feel even better!

My motto for my shop!

I don't sell perfection, I sell happiness!

The road I am on will be hard at times but I won't let it stop me! I am almost there and I already feel so proud! You can only go up if you have been down for a long time!

#stay tuned!


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"The smallest step in the right direction can be the biggest step of your life. Tip-toe if you must, but take the step."

Absolutely awesome! I can't wait to buy a sticker from you to stick on my laptop!

OOhhhhh just a few more weeeekssss.... If you have it on your laptop, I wannnnaaa see itssss! <3

It's nice to see that you're working on your shop! Hopefully soon you can share the storefront!

It's amazing to do even after all this time. I finalllly broke myself 100% free. If I fail, I fail and will try again! :D

That's awesome! I hope this works for you and I can't wait to see it when it's ready!

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