What Does Hive Mean to Me?

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I believe the potential of blockchain technology is bringing the world to a watershed moment in history which will transform society in ways that exponentially exceed even the printing press, the advent of electricity, and the internet, to an even greater extent than the spreading of knowledge, upgrading the comfort or convenience of our perceived standard of living, or the speed and proliferation of communication.

The promise of blockchain technology represents the greatest opportunity for every individual to take control and ownership of their and intrinsic value they possess as a human being.

The centralized system that has always, and continues to enslave us all coerces us through every means available to spend all our time, effort, creativity, and passion in pursuit of the resources necessary to sustain ourselves in a continuous self perpetuating circuit based on a false premise of what it portrays as success and fulfillment.

However, innovations emerging right now in blockchain technology, and their widespread implementation throughout all aspects of society create the means and opportunity of overcoming the centralization and control of real value.

The power to be able to control, and the ability to manipulate individual personal value is the fundamental premise at the heart of this system which keeps all people oppressed and in opposition with each other for supposedly scarce resources.

We all strive for freedom, it is part of who we are as human beings.

It is a principle that exists as an absolute truth.

Some believe they have freedom, but it only exists in different measures depending on the circumstances of our unique experience and the narrative most prevalent in our environment.

I read recently that there is a difference between freedom to, and freedom from.

The more I ponder that statement , the more profound it becomes.

Think about it for a moment.

Some may think that 'wealth' gives you freedom, or a larger measure of freedom than having less wealth would, but at the end of the day no matter how much fiat or physical 'wealth' you can accumulate, someone else still has real control of whatever you believe you have accumulated, and what they decide they need it to be worth at the moment.

I believe that none can be truly free until all are truly free.

This spirit of liberty is and has always been the spark for the fire of innovation in society.

I believe that spirit is at the core of Hive and the Hive community.

I believe the Hive community is fueled by that spirit of liberty which throughout all of history has struggled against the darkness and oppression of this world, and always prevails, and always will.

The crisis and uncertainty we are all currently facing is an indiscriminate reality which hopefully inspires us to honestly assess our mentality about the world we all live in together and teaches us that we are all inevitably connected and united.

I see this as a tremendous opportunity for the human spirit to prevail and usher in a new enlightenment.

I only recently found my way to Hive, and I'm still finding my way around, trying to learn as fast as I possibly can.

My hope for the future of Hive is that I and everyone who finds their way here uses the inspiration and opportunity made available to us all through the imagination, creativity, hard work, sacrifice, and perseverance of those who have labored to further the development of these principles and this platform, share this opportunity with as many as possible in any and every way we can.

Freedom is not free, that is not a cliche', it is the truth.

There has never been a time or instance where the evolution of individual freedom has not been earned.

But what could be more worth the effort?

That is what Hive means to me.

As I said, I am still finding my way around, I am still not up to speed on how I can use my resources to support the growth of the project and would like to delegate any resources from this post to bringing in new users.

If anyone can help me with making that happen, I would appreciate any guidance.

I am currently developing websites on different topics and genres that provide people with information about, and opportunities to engage blockchain technology and would appreciate any tips or suggestions on how to provide entry points to Hive for my visitors.

A truly heart felt thank you to all who have made this opportunity possible for us all.

I hope my efforts can live up to the promise you have provided.