Very cool and very awesome.

Great designs! Hive on :-)

Oh wow, amazing!!! Thank you.

Great designs indeed. Not quite sure yet how I can use them, but since @steemitboard has been shut down, maybe you could take over? Implement the bees as they were on Steemit, based on ranks like minnows, dolphins, orcas, etc. ? What do you think?


Beautiful and great service for all the working Hive Bees :)

Bookmarked for future use. They would make a nice footer on my posts. Nice.

i pick up. one, thank you

thanks @sitaru are you the author of these ? they are cool what one did you choose for your hive journey?

It is a collection from the web. What I did, is to the customize them for the HIVE community. While I also have a license on them (I have a monthly subscription), they can also be found on the internet as royalty free.

Wow all these are original designs? That's amazing

Very nice work @sitaru. I always admire talent that I don't have. Looking forward to what else your creative talents com up with!

P.S. I found this post in the #hive-assets channel of the Hive Discord server.

These are cool, I've used one to add to a new profile picture 😄 Having trouble getting it to update on Peakd but I'm sure it will come through eventually 😉

SWEET! Thank You!

Nice, really like them!

Thank you, these are great!

I will be the hexagon bee... This really sweet as nectar.

I love that bees buzzzz

Stylish, cute, creative, thank you for sharing them, I think they can be used in many ways for example when we leave links to our Hive posts on other social media, or add to posts footers or dividers, etc.,