LIST Staking Club update coming soon! Snap shot taken today

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Sometimes life gets in the way of your plans, but it’s all good we are taking the snapshot for the LIST staking club updates and will be getting that out today along with showing off some cool new items on the Hivelist Store!

Getting the coupon codes together and sent out is a fairly big job and this month we have allot of action happening with people unstaking to provide liquidity to the diesel pool and such, along with new vendors, etc… So please give us a bit as today is going to be a busy one. The post will land either tonight or in the morning. If you have made moves in the club and are expecting a new coupon code, be looking for an encrypted Hive transaction from us at some point today!

Again sorry for the delay, but family issues come first… Hope you understand…

Have a great day!


people unstaking to provide liquidity to the diesel pool???

I am definitely one of them. Sorry
What should I do?
Find Hivelist really great.
Would like to support.
Sorry for the stupid question.😇

Hey it’s all good. I am just having to adjust some extra coupon codes because of it. But hey I appreciate the support on the diesel pool! But you will still want to stake LIST as well… more info in the big post.

OK. Link for Dieselpool?
I just increased Com + List a bit.
greetings from Germany