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RE: Major Updates, SMS Verification and more

If i could upvote this a thousand times I would. This is some serious great work here. I think the sms code idea is pretty good, as many sites use this method to cut down (won't cut down on all tho). Did you have time to look into the way that Brave ads does the claim feature, by moving the triangle into a shape (to cut down on automated abuse)?
This is literally the most exciting aspect of recent activity, as onboarding needs the most work (and then retention after people swarm in). I'm working on tutorials right now that people who are new to Hive (and Steem) can use to get used to everything.
The biggest problems besides onboarding though is something i discovered a few days ago:
Most people use mobile, ie, the Esteem app and there is no way to join communities when using Esteem app. Also, another big probblem: there are a lot of links contained in posts, and when someone is using the Esteem app on mobile, when they click on the links within the Esteem app, it takes them out of the mobile app, and into a browswer. This is a really bad design.....
The mobile app needs to be streamlined, and not sure if the team is aware of this problem.......
Anyway, this is great work, and i look forward to seeing how this will be progressing, and if you need anything let me know.


I agree, it's really important to keep users excited after mobile on-boarding.
Hope those issues can be fixed by Esteem devs. @dapplr is comming anytime soon and has good chances to fill the mobile gap for us.

I'am pretty sure @peakd have a roadmap for mobile as well - maybe going for a progressive web app and store listing? We achieved really cool results after just a week of work on this project. Guess where we are in a few month :)

you're doing amazing. thank you for this. We will get there.