HivePay Updates - Transactions Are Smooth, Redesign Is Near

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Things have been moving along nicely with

We'll do regular updates on the 'official' blog to keep you up to date with how things are progressing.

Actual Use Case!!

While we hit a snag with Shopify (something beyond our control) and we're still waiting for WordPress to add HivePay to their plugin catalogue...Online businesses have been integrating HivePay and have begun to accept Hive-Engine tokens and the Hive tokens on their sites...


A lot of our customers from @clicktrackprofit have been accepting the CTP token but as you can see, things are working smoothly!

We're continuing to monitor the transactions and if you see any errors or have any hiccups, please let us know in our Discord!

Integration On Different Scripts

We held an online webinar last week where a group of entrepreneurs joined us to learn how to integrate the gateway into their IPN's and get tapped into the Hive eco-system...

And thanks to @blainjones he also created a 'cheat sheet' for owners of the 'LFM' membership script to integrate HivePay easily.

It can be seen here:

=> LFM Integration Tutorial

Redesign Is Close

It's funny calling this a design because...We simply put the original ;design' up for as a place holder for launch.

Regardless, we've been busy giving HivePay a nice little paint job that we think you'll really enjoy...

Here's a sneak peek with a few screen shots:




And on mobile...It looks pretty slick :)


Just putting all the finishing touches on the design and working on the FAQs to make sure HivePay is as simple to use and understand as can possibly be!

Hope you guys are as excited as well are!!!

So many cool things happening on and we're just getting started!

We'd love. to have you take part in the development and adoption of HivePay, be sure to join our Discord and if you have any questions...We'd love to help you out!


Great work Jon and Blain, it's a real game changer and just getting better, ease of use is so important for adoption, keep it up.

Thank you sir!

Always good to see continued progress taking place. Development is crucial and an app like this could make a world of difference to Hive.

It is vital that updates keep coming at a consistent pace. I hope all are watching what you all are doing. It is exciting.

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Crossing fingers!!

Appreciate all the support sir, it's very much appreciated!

It's great to hear that everything runs smoothly! Good job!

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Thanks man, appreciate you!

Cheap as chips, so if its any HE coin, does that mean things like Swap.BTC, Swap.doge and swap. LTC are also included? If so that is epic since it would be far cheaper! Gosh now HIVE seriously needs to have a proper mobile wallet and interpretation with other hot wallets

Yup, all Swap tokens are included in Hive Pay.

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