Yesterday's Seafoods foodtrip..

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Hello Hivers!

I would like to share with you our Seafoods foodtrip yesterday with my friends..

Yesterday (April 19, 2022) Our group of friends are decided to catch some seafoods because it is "Hunasan" or lowtide the best time to catch Crabs and Octopus. We started to operate at 6pm until 7:30 pm. During night these kind of seafoods are easy to catch.


So these is our catch Small Octopus and Small Crabs commonly we found this under the stone, using with flashlights. Our location of finding this kind of seafoods is in our town Poblacion, Boljoon, Cebu we are lucky in our place because we have abundant of seafoods, Thanks to God!


After cleaning I started to cook first the Small Octopus since I am the one who cooks the dishes. We called this kind of dish as " Ginisang Halang-Halang" with a lots of spices specially Green Chilli Pepper.


Second is the Fried Crabs I decided to separate the Crabs into two dishes since it has quiet a lot.


The third one is the Soup Crab these one is the best, aside from the spices the Crabs is very aromatic when you make soup.



That's it! I hope you like what I share today guys!
Thanks for Spending a little time for reading my post.
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Wow Yummy despite I am struggling of eating crablets

Struggling it is! Because it has only few meat hehe

Hahahha that is true

I also eat the shell to save some time 🤣

Wow, I'm amazed at how you guys diligently caught and cook them because we typically just buy them hahaha. I love seafood, and I'm sure what you're making is delicious.

We catch this using only our hands 😁