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Here is a very interesting tool that allows for private messaging directly on the Hive blockchain. It does this using the Memo Private Key to cryptographically lock and unlock a message in the form of a Hive memo. The minimum cost to send a Memo is 0.001 HIVE or 0.001 HBD, but in a typical conversation you could exchange back and forth the same 0.001 HIVE / HBD. This means it is free in most cases.

The website can be accessed here:

You can login via the Hive Keychain using your Posting Private Key:

The screenshots below show a typical example of an encrypted message, which I sent to my second account @mestruth.


Pressing the "decrypt" option shows the message I sent, which is "testing".



Interestingly, the PeakD wallet allows for seeing the encrypted / decrypted message directly in the list of recent transactions.



Pretty epic stuff!

For further information, you can view the following resources: Video Tutorial: Announcement Article by DBuzz:


You my man are off the hook!! I LOVE IT!! Thank you for your great post and comments. I noticed after I commented on your 811 post that you are a math instructor. You are SCIENCTIFAL!! "Just The Facts Ma'am. Just the facts"

And experience has thought me aside from artist. Scientist are MAD!! These are my people!! Again my man. TY and keep up the amazing work!!!

Thanks for the comment! Being mad is a prerequisite to being a great scientist or artist lol

This is pretty awesome, thanks for sharing MES!

I'll have to use this from now on.
I knew it was out there, trw made it a long time ago, but I thought it was deprecated.
Good to know.

Why does it say that it wants my "master"password when I tried to log in??

Interesting. Definitely don't put in your master PW. Try the other ones, or use Hive Keychain instead.

Yeah, I'm not silly enough to throw that one around.... But I have a ridiculous pm to send you after I get this all situated

haha looking forward to it.