Powering up 7,949 HIVE!

in #hivepud10 days ago

It’s HIVE-PUD today!

... and, although I’m fully aware I don’t qualify for prizes, I thought today was as good as any to do a BIG power up!

Now, I’ve been accumulating a fair amount of liquid HIVE since leaving STEEM.
Slowly filtering and converting via SteemEngine.
I only have 10SP left in my STEEM account, just enough to keep it functional in some capacity.

A bit of me considered keeping 1000 STEEM in my wallet incase of some crazy future pump, but, life’s too short to not go fully in the crypto I support the most.

With my 7,949 power-up I’m also able to hit my 20,000hp target square on!


I remember back in the early days of STEEM seeing some accounts with 10,000sp. I was blown away and a tad bit jealous.
But now, I’ve managed to double that target by sticking with the community, being present every day for 2.5 years!

Here’s what my power-up looked like via @esteem:



I will keep on my manual curation of authors and content I like and appreciate.

Hope all the HIVE-PUD participants have a successful event. Great work as ever @streetstyle!

Cheers for following and for the support over these years!


Wow nice :D

That's a huge powering up :P :P

What a fantastic milestone. Congratulations!

Thank you!

Wow, beast mode activated here with a colossal power up! Nicely done on 20k! Should be able to curate pretty nicely with that amount!

Haha cheers man, I don’t do things by halves!
Yes 20k offers a reasonable upvote at full capacity, so I’m happy to be able to make some difference with my curation :)

Haha a bit like me last month, went on a mission and powered up about 4k HIVE in total! I think you can dish 1 HIVE's worth out when you get to 20k, it's like $0.01 per 1,000 HP at the current rate as a rule of thumb

Happy #hivepud to you and all of your $HIVE followers!

Good job. 20K is a great milestone. I'm working towards 5K for now with a mix of investing and sweat equity.

Awesome work 💪🏻

That’s huge! Congrats

Thanks, I’ve been waiting and accumulating for a long while! 😁

I think HIVEPUD is a great idea and although I’m not eligible to take part in the official event I’m still pleased to add some big number to the stats!

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I forgot to tag you as @ecency!
I’ll do it next time :)

Can’t wait for a new iOS mobile app

v3.0.0 should be available within 24 hours, could you update app and let me know if your avatar still shows blank in app? Thank you, I think we have solved that bug.

Great! Is the app still called ‘Esteem’ in the App Store?
Ecency doesn’t render any app results.

Also, I believe I’m already on the latest version. No more updates available for it

I’m using version 2.2.5 currently

Congratulations @ashtv! You received a personal badge!

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May the Hive Power be with you!

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Wow, that might be the largest power up of the day!


Have a


Wow, didn’t realise it could potentially be the biggest! Just an accumulation and the right time to do it :)

Cheers for the beer 🍺

And you might be waiting for a long time for that Steem to moon, then again you never know, I left a couple of thousand sitting on the exchange just in case, but I cahsed most of it out already and split it between Hive and BTC.

Hey @ashtv, here is a little bit of BEER from @revisesociology for you. Enjoy it!

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Bravo, buddy. That's an impressive stash you're building up and hopefully one that will pay huge profits in the future :)

Fingers crossed! It would be a nice thing for the future if it all holds some value still :)

I remember telling you about Steem back at the beginning! :) Good work man.

Yes mate! Good times back then, time flies so fast. Who’d have thought I’d have stuck with it this long eh?