Lol. Don't be sad bro

Thanks brother

Nice one, it all counts, you'll get a bigger reward in the future we all hope, keep powering up, we need more dolphins and orcas here

Thank you.. I will keep my focus now

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great one.... it will only get better

Yeah.. Thanks brother

Don't be sad. Every little bit helps. And then,there is September! Happy Sunday

Thank you so much.. I hope to do better in September

Great one on the power up! It all counts mate, keep going and you'll get to where you want to be 💪

Thank you so much.. I hope to be more focused in powering up my account

It's a good plan for long term to power up! Feel the power 💪

dcity is causing me a lot.

What do you mean?

I had a goal of getting our of the redfish zone but i keep on buying dcity cards with my rewards..

It will multiply, isn't it? dCity rewards are fantastic.

It will... i just want to make my account grow