Hive and Hive Engine Power Up Day - December 2023

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Hey Hivers,

I know so many people started their own HPUD post with the same idea but wow, it's already December! The good thing is that we're finally seeing some cold days, and even some snow. Not enough for my liking, but I remain hopeful this winter will be a cold and snowy one. But I digress, today is all about Hive Power Up Day of course. Like I already mentioned, I only missed one in the last three years or so, definitely a tradition! And so has become Hive Power Up Month, that I also missed only a couple times since it started. Now, let's use this opportunity to review my account details, its growth, and the various next goals and targets.


Of course, we'll start with the main one, Hive. Like I said several times in the past, I use the 100% Powered Up option for my daily posts, and therefore converting enough HBD to liquid Hive is not that easy. So, just like last month, today's Power Up was only 16.666HP. For the past few months, I've been trying to keep some liquid Hive available for HPUD, but next month might start to become a bit challenging. We'll see what happens.

Like every month, I also pushed a symbolic tiny amount of HBD to savings, to take advantage of the 20% APR. Unlike last month, I was able to go back to my usual 0.666HBD. But I may need to bring back a few during the month, so I can convert them to Hive. Again, we will see.

Now, concerning the growth, nothing really different this month. It stays very consistent and steady. If you look at the chart below, except for that one day in the middle, it's pretty much linear growth. Starting at 4428HP, I was able to add 145HP for a total of 4573HP. With my daily target at 4HP, that is significantly over, yay!! Although slightly lower than last month (which was my best), it is still a very solid performance.

Adding today's Power Up, we are now at 4590HP! An increase of 162HP for the month of November. Again, slightly less than last month, but very good nonetheless and for sure above my target.


The growth slowed down a little bit for SPORTS too, but the strategy stays the same: stake everything I can get. I am still completely unaware of what happened to the initiatives to revive the SportsTalkSocial tribe though. Maybe I should check it out. Anyways, with now 16.78M, my stake is quite significant. The growth was slightly below target this month, but nothing to worry about yet.


Also no big change on the ALIVE front. The We Are Alive tribe is still very dynamic and offers plenty of opportunities for rewards and passive income. This was a pretty good month for the growth with about 526AP added to my stake, while my target is at 500 monthly.


Like I mentioned last month, PHOTO is not really a focus, but I also accumulate what I can. With almost 1200 added to my stake, this was very similar to last month. Still below my revised 1250 monthly target, but that's not bad at all. So we'll keep doing what we're doing for now.


LOLZ is the outlier this month, this was a weak growth for me. With only about 142 added to my stake, this is way below my 200-250 target range. But my percentage in the farming rewards pool didn't change much, so it's no big deal.


I've been saying it for a few months, and even though it wasn't my best month, CTP makes its entry in the main tokens in my account. With about 1500 CTP added to my stake, this wasn't such a bad month, just not my best.


  • I'll keep my 4HP daily target. It was beaten the last couple of months, but I just don't know if i can sustain it. With some travelling at the end of December, I am not sure I will be able to post as usual.
  • I missed it this month, but I think 500k monthly target for SPORTS is a good one
  • I will also keep my 500AP monthly target for ALIVE. This is both reachable and challenging.
  • Even my reduced 1250 PHOTO monthly target is challenging as I missed it in November. But I will keep it for December, let's see if we can improve a bit.
  • LOLZ is a bit of question mark. If the dividends resume soon, then the previous 200-250 range should be doable, but without it, I'll be happy to reach 150
  • Still no specific target for drip tokens and diesel pools. I keep adding bits and pieces here and there, and we'll see where it goes
  • Just like I said last month, I started accumulating some other tokens, mostly to increase my LOLZ delegations. I'll keep doing the same

And that is it. I was talking about fall foliage last month, now the snow is here (well technically not today, as it all melted yesterday!). Regarding my account, the conclusion is ever the same: consistent and steady growth! That is what I am going for, so it's all good. Hopefully, thanks to compounding, we can start accelerating again. Let's see what December looks like and we'll reevaluate all targets for 2024.
Hope all is going well for you, happy December y'all!


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