Hive and Hive Engine Power Up Day - February 2024

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Hey Hivers,

Once again, it seems the month went by so quickly, but it's that time again: Hive Power Up Day! The streak continues, like I mention probably every month, I only missed one since my first HPUD in December 2022. And it's also a successful January Power Up Month. This time I didn't let dumb time zones mistakes screw up my HPUD and PUM!
As usual, let's take this opportunity to review my account details, its growth, and the various next goals and targets.


Of course, let's start with Hive. Because of the fact I still use 100% Powered Up option for my daily posts, it's not always easy to convert enough HBD to Hive for monthly Power Ups. But I was able to build a small amount for this month and at least the next couple of months. I will keep my Power Ups small for now though, and this month again, it is 10.666HP

For HBD, I also kept the tradition and sent a tiny amount to savings. I was saying last month I was getting very close to 150HBD in savings, it is now over that small milestone, thanks to the latest claimed interests. Step by step, it will keep slowly increasing.

Coming to the growth, it was once again a fairly consistent and steady rise. A few spikes at the beginning of the month because of slow traveling days, compensated by a couple of high rewards post. But after that, it was back to the almost linear growth we are used to see in my account. Starting at 4763HP, I was able to add 162HP to reach 4925HP. Coincidentally, it's exactly the same growth as last month. And of course, on a daily average, it is still better than my 4HP daily target. On a weekly basis, I am now able to get over 7HP with curation only. It varies a bit though, and it's not consistently above 1HP every day, that's the next step that I think I can achieve this month.

Including today's Power Up, the total is now 4936HP! The symbolic 5000HP milestone is now just around the corner, or if the trend continues, in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Just like last month, it is a 173HP increase this month. This is a good repeat performance.


Once again, I wasn't able to meet my 500k monthly SPORTS target. With about 404k added to my stake this month, it wasn't bad, and I think it just shows this target might be a bit too aggressive, at least for now. In any case, the strategy stays the same as always: stake everything I earn. The 20M milestone should be possible in the next six months, or even less.


It was similar for ALIVE: with 475AP added to my stake, almost same as last month, it was pretty close to my 500AP monthly target. Of course, the We are Alive tribe is still one of my favorites, and I'll keep adding to my stake as much as I can.


I probably mention this every month, but PHOTO, while not really being a focus, is a token I also keep accumulating. I reduced my target last month to 1000, and with about 1013, it was met this month. It's a soft target really, but it's always good to reach it! I increased my delegations though, and most of the growth comes from posting, not curation.


Another weak month for LOLZ. With about 152LOLZ added to my stake, it's nowhere close to my 200-250 monthly target. However, like I mentioned many times, my only goal is to stay around the same percentage for farming rewards. And so far, it is not changing too much.


  • 4 months in a row now exceeding my 4HP daily target. I said last month I will increase it if it was met again in January, but I think I will wait one more month. If February is another good month, then we'll definitely revise this daily target
  • 500k SPORTS really seems to be a monthly target too challenging for me to reach. But I did meet it a few times in the past, so I'll try one more month!
  • Same story for ALIVE. Although I was much closer than SPORTS. But it can be done, let's see how February looks before changing the 500AP monthly target.
  • My reduced 1000 PHOTO monthly target was just met in January, so let's keep the same in February.
  • I am for sure not able to get back to the 200-250 LOLZ I used to be able to add to my stake every month. But I'll try and change again some delegations, and see if I can get at least closer
  • As hinted at last month, CTP is not part of the previous details anymore, and I don't really have a target for it either. It's really not a focus for now, but it might change later of course.
  • Just like last month, I continued adding delegations to get drip tokens, and added to more diesel pools. Really no target there though
  • And finally, also similar to last month, I kept accumulating some other tokens, mostly to delegate them and get more LOLZ.

And that is it for this month. Month after month, the conclusion stays the same: consistent and steady growth. But like last month, it's a bit more challenging for second layer tokens. No worries, I am still pretty close to most targets, and I should be able to reach them soon. Even on a leap year, February is a shorter month, so let's see what it looks like, before making any changes.

Hive on y'all and have a great February!


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