The Resemblance is Uncanny! My Hive Punk

in #hivepunkslast year


Thanks to, I was finally able to view my #hivepunks and I noticed one was dressed pretty similarly to me! Kind of crazy considering it's randomly generated, but it's a fun piece of serendipity 😆

Thanks @blockheadgames for this fun project!


Hahaha that's awesome

Really awesome creation you have with hive punks! Great accomplishment. It looks fun. :)

Supidly, and oddly i find myself a little jealous that you have a hive punk and i don't. Lol but, yes! Very serendipitous :)

That is pretty wild. Too bad I was distracted and missed the start of the sale. I had just moved some liquid Hive off chain to buy some litecoin. Might have been more fun to buy a punk.