Quora Hive Awareness Initiative, Question Answered:"How much hive power do I need to make a decent ROI and where can I purchase it?"

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Your ROI (=Return On Investment) does not depend on the amount of Hive Power you have because ROI is the ratio of your return and your investment.

You can buy HIVE at least from:

Blocktrades - blocktrades.us,

Ionomy - ionomy.io,

Bittrex - global.bittrex.com

and Probit - ProBit Globa (http://probit.com)l

Huobi is looking into adding HIVE as is Binance.

The Hive blockchain can be accessed using the following web front ends among others:

https://hive.blog (https://hive.blog/) - https://peakd.com (https://peakd.com/) - https://3speak.online (https://3speak.online/)

For more info on HIVE: https://hive.io/ (https://3speak.online/)

Join the HIVE Quora Space: https://www.quora.com/q/otycmrjbbhahuqae (https://3speak.online/)