Interactive Hive API moved to Hivesigner

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Thank you everyone for your support on Hivesigner proposal. We are almost in range of approved proposals. If you haven't voted, please consider approving proposal to help us make Hivesigner better.

Recent updates

Some updates if you have missed recent developments related to Hivesigner:

  • Hivesigner Python Client released thanks to @emrebeyler for his awesome job and contribution. Consider voting for his witness!

  • Hivesigner wiki updated, we are in process of unifying all documentation via github so that website can mirror and guide developers. Integrating Hivesigner OAuth is quite simple but with proper documentation it can help even new developers to start developing on Blockchain/Hive.

  • Earlier today, we pushed new release that changes some links and fixes few bugs related to dhive. Chrome/Brave extension update is submitted for review, should be available soon.

Today, in effort to help onboarding more developers and new apps on Hive, we are introducing Interactive Hive API explorer

It has search field to find relevant APIs quickly, some queries have default values so results can be fetched with single click, I believe it is very convenient for developers to get started. Check it out!

Simply studying Hive API + Hivesigner API, you can start building decentralized apps in matter of hours.

Buidl on!

Support proposal


By the way, there is also a hivesigner class integrated into beem, a python library for hive.

That's awesome, thank you! Will add beem into list of libraries for hivesigner! 🙇‍♂️

Thanks for the continuous updates! You're awesome man.

I've been very pleased with Hive signer!

Is there a recommended way to link directly to a method? E.g., I was thinking it'd be great if the devportal could list a swagger link in the API Definitions for each method.

Not sure about recommended way, but Swagger above uses methods from blockchain directly as they are available, only we run small proxy to format those APIs so it could be accessed right within browser (GET ops). And yes, I think it would be really beneficial to have them inside devportal next to curl examples, test right on browser (for users without terminal or chromebook, etc. systems)

I believe the curl examples would be simple enough to add. But I was thinking a way to directly link to a specific method would be helpful. I can see a pattern, for example, if I know the namespace is rc_api and the method is get_find_rc_accounts, I can guess the direct link is:!/RC32Api/get_find_rc_accounts

Do you think that would be sufficient? The only problem is, if I know the namespace is database_api and the method is list_proposal_votes, the direct link in this case doesn't work:!/Database32Api/list_proposal_votes

Is there a way to do a lookup so I can ensure the link would work beforehand? Then I can skip the ones that do not. It seems like I could inspect for the methods, but I'm not sure.

Some APIs need retesting and addition, correction to swagger.json.
list_proposal_votes and some other new methods are missing

Oh but you were referring to linking, I was thinking of direct linking from here:


I used the Hive API to get blockchain information and I need 26 million block information. When I apply, it's very time consuming. Can you help me how to use the Hive API?

What specific data interests you? You can of course pull all data one by one from all blocks, but you can also use some specific calls to get certain type of data. Have you checked for more documentations?

I want to work on my DPOS consensus algorithm for my master's thesis, and to examine this decentralization in this system. To do this, I need the information of all the blocks, and I also used the hive API. It's very time consuming and I also checked in full. Please help me how to get block information quickly.

Most of the information is available in Hivemind, you will have to setup instance on your local machine (python + postgresql).

Great links, ty... i'm going to try downloading the new esteem upgrade again.

Awesome Tool.
Will have to try the Python client in my coding.
Thank you!

Great, do let me know your experience when you do test it out 😉

Thanks for the update. By the way, my daughter Srey Yuu (@kidsisters) is 10 years old, and she's learning to Hive via the eSteem iOS app. It has been a bit frustrating, a bit glitchy at times. However, we've downloade the Windows eSteem App, and it's amazing.

I hope you don't think I'm knocking the eSteem app. No one else has really offered a user-friendly app to access/post/comment on Hive. Posting via a website accessed through a browser is still a bit intimidating to her, and we can't control what she does with an open browser, because kids are really smart these days.

Your app gives us the chance to let her browse the blockchain and post semi-independently in relative safety and confidence.


Thank you for your comment, really glad to hear about desktop app. As for mobile, yes after migration some things have become unstable, we are improving it with next update soon. Hope you will give it another chance then. 👍

You've got my support for the proposal @good-karma
Now, I haven't been able to make the linux install work. I run Pop!_Os...which download should I get?

Thank you! Never heard of Pop!OS, seem Ubuntu based so I think .deb file should work.

I installed but when I click it doesn't open. :(

in terminal, could you try this dpkg -i esteem.deb esteem.deb need change to actual file name

Hello! This will be copy/pasted... but please pay attention to it... It's very important, I just need to spread the message quickly, before too many people are affected.


There are people/a person, going around on bitshares and scamming people through proposals. I want to bring light to this as quickly as possible, for anyone who uses bts. It needs to be spread so that people are aware. The scammers seem to have already taken millions of bts and who knows how much more. :/

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is very important to those who use BTS!

TL;DR: Yes, this is copy/pasted. It is to warn you about a scam going around. Please do not hate me for spamming this information around. :/ I am trying to possibly save people's crypto before it's too late!

Definitely voting.

Hey, why are we given esteem points to boost posts if we are not allowed to boost them? I keep getting refund. Really, like what's going on?

Refund happens due to few reasons, if you received comment about refund, please check list of reasons.
If you got vote in last few hours on your posts for example, your next vote will likely be refunded or if curation didn't happen in last 24 hours also refunded, etc.

alright, i never got feedback, but i'll try just to do one a day, ty

Thanks @good-karma for the article! This was my first time logging into PeakD in a couple of weeks. With the Hivesigner, it made signing in very easy. I am currently using Brave Browser and look forward to the extension update!

Hivesigner makes it easy to sign it but why can't we just stay signed in for as long as we want. Keep timing out.

For security reasons! Also if website/app is using offline permission, they can easily keep you signed in longer. Activey key (fund transfer related) operations require signing operation on fly for obvious security reasons.

Thanks for this explanation. I am learning.

this is good, this will help to grow the community, will this is new steemit, this is Hive...Hive Power @good-karma
have a great day and God be with you always, Peace upon your way. God Bless your family.

Appreciate this info

Hello @good-karma, nice work. Was trying to use bridge, list all subscriptions, however doesn't seem to work as expected.


Get a 500 and the follow response:

    "message": "Cannot read property 'params' of undefined",
    "error": {}

Any ideas?

Did you check github code, maybe there is bug in forming parameters?

Excuse me, if I want to get blockchain information and analyze it through the Interactive Hive API, what should I do to increase the speed of requests? Every request I make takes 1 second to receive each block, which is very time consuming if I want to get all the blocks.