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After watching the introduction video linked at the bottom of this post, do dive into the videos listed below. You will be fully immersed in the workings of #hivetips and it will hopefully answer any questions you may have as you watch them. Thank you to @inthenow and @lightproject for putting them together!

Stop by our FullAlt Website to learn all the information you can handle about #hivetips and #altyes!

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HiveTips Introduction 2

Introducing HiveTips to the WORLD! HiveTips makes tipping with HIVE cryptocurrency a reality. We are taking crypto mainstream. Nothing beats true decentraliz...


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It was a Test Comment by @guiltyparties.

You could have chosen a less important post to test it out on!

But you know that I won't say anything, because you can get away with it.

So instead of a pita comment here, I am going to write a 7 page essay comment on one of your posts and remind you of this moment!


Sweet! We gotta spread this around more, to teach everyone how to tip on Twitter and YouTube. It's fun to send tips to random people and hope they make a Hive account to claim it.

A while back, we (@enginewitty) wrote an article outlining the mass potential to reach over 30% of the population and expose them to Hive via #hivetips. So most definitely, spread it around everywhere! Thank you 😇

Who makes an account to claim 1 cent though. This would have worked when steemit was paying $300+ for introduction posts and thousands for posters that already had influence.

I think what Hive and 3Speak needs to do is tap into the FRONTLINE PRESS 'people's view' that's growing more and more (and becoming a free market). With the chaos ensuing all over the world it's not going away either. That isn't about rewards but if an exclusive story/footage were to be picked up elsewhere that originated here, naturally people investigate and join that (this) platform.

All these initiatives are basic and essentially preaching to the choir.


Nice there needs to be more hive tutorials on youtube

Where can I get the extension?