In The Beginning...There Were Bugs🐞

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Our Apologies

As with all new programs and developments, there are bound to be some hiccups and bugs and we have come across one that affects anyone who sent a tip prior to June 1st. All unclaimed tips before then, will be manually refunded as during that time, we were having some issues. The API with Twitter wasn't recognizing our influx of fun #hivetips being so prevalent on their platform! HA! We believe it is fixed now as @lightproject is a fantastic coder. This was due to a change in the relevant user account name for processing tips. Thank you for helping and sticking with us during our Beta phase!

"Tokenizing the web."


On Twitter from @hivetips:

On twitter from the @fullalt PR account:

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and remember, if anyone has any bugs to report or anything to say/suggest/add please feel free to do so in our Discord server:

TY for your time and efforts in making Hive everything it can be!

Hive is ALIVE!

That is okay! We are proud of your team! You guys are doing great!