My Hivewatchers blacklist. My apology to the Hive community.

in #hivewatcher7 months ago

I wrote a similars many post to the Hive community. I didn't write it on purpose. I don't want you to think that I ignored the rules of the Hive community by writing it like this. I respect every rule set by the Hive Community.

I've been writing articles on Hive for over a year now. During that year, I've only been posting my own articles. I plan to post only my own articles in future posts.

I apologize to actifit,hive,hivewatcher and community.I help the community by writing articles as much as possible.

I would like my appeal to be reviewed as soon as possible. I promise to abide by the rules set by the community. I also apologize to actfit and hivewatchers.

As a hivewatcher, my account has been temporarily suspended from the blacklist and I would like to appeal so that I can continue writing my own articles.

I am sorry for all Hive Family and Hive Community.

#actifit #hivewatcher