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Some of us that had been here on Hive/PeakD for some time already. We managed to talk one of our friends, Carrie-Ann Baade , a highly respected Art Professor who exhibits world-wide and is listed on Wikipedia, to join PeakD/Hive. After her first post got some upvotes, she was harassed by @hivewatchers who posted on a blocked Twitter account of hers demanding that she answer them on there. She has not used that account since January 2020 when somehow her API with Facebook was not working anymore, and she could no longer access that Twitter account.
Apparently now they blacklisted her!
This is the post:

I can personally vouch for her - and if anything, then contact her on Facebook or on her Website - or her Instagram .

This is not just some on-line relation I have with her - we known each other personally for a decade or more and have exhibited together in many shows worldwide, and so have a list of others that are currently (some of the few) serious artists with an international reputation that are still remaining on Hive. Many I know have however turned their backs on it and gave up posting.

It is very hard to recruit serious, world-class artists to this blockchain because of such shenanigans. I have a long list of great artists that just gave up on this - and what you got left are 90% of amateurs.

Art of the Mystic Otto Rapp
founder of the website VISIONARY ART GALLERY

Congratulations @counterterrorism!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

Will you take this up on Hivewatchers Discord on her behalf @thermoplastic? @chrisrice may be able to help as he just went through a situation with them.

  • Ah, no need i see. I just looked at the post in question & it's sorted and @carrieannbaade appears to be happy.

Thanks for your presence @thermoplasic & a BIG WELCOME to Hive @carrieannbaade

By the way, I bought my first #NFT's yesterday. I'm up to 5 already. It's addictive :-)


Anything I can do to improve my content? Noticed a big juicy downvote roll in today. Was puzzled.

Can we talk in discord, give you username?

Discord username

Can you reply username?

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Sir I want to read from-spammator

Your plagiarism still exists on the blockchain. Stop doing that and you won't get flagged. Honesty pays off.

In the history. Once things are in the blockchain they are there forever. Downvoting me for pointing out your mistakes does not help your case, but I'm not retaliating. Try making friends instead of enemies.


Wow only 1 copy pasta post and i get downvotes to my original content posts too, nice bro ,but we are doing systems like hivewatchers, hivewatchers are trying make quit here newbies who didnt know aboug copy pasta and they dont earn anything,also i think its people own choice to upvote/downvote not to make mass spam downvote to rip account.

I manually downvote where rewards are not earned. You can appeal to @hivewatchers to get the flags stopped. A good reputation is hard to win, but easy to lose. If you had any idea of the volume of abuse on Hive you would appreciate what HW do.

Id like to add that "newbies didnt know about copy pasta" are not contributing to the platform therefore it does not matter, the site is not only about earning, you lost a very good income source from @ubg, now you have to find a new one with better content. and steev fyi dosg is about 11-12 years old so dont expect much from him :D

I don't think HW is perfect by any means, but we need something to deal with the shit. They should try not to scare newbies away whilst they learn what is acceptable here. I've done what I can to help some find the right path, but others are irredeemable.

I just get money out after 3 months

Don't spend it all on your first beer :)

Meanwhile the rest of us will keep earning and engaging.