My childhood games were fun

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Growing up was much fun for me as I enjoyed every bit of it. Been a child comes with much fun and excitement and I was one that enjoyed it the fullest with friends.


Truth be told I very much miss such times has days back then comes with ecstatic feeling has I got to participate in hangout and games with my fellow comrades.

Games which I used to engage with back then includes playing soccer games like fifa, pro evolution and adventure games like GTA vice city amongst others



Other fun activities include playing rubber bands games (it involves making numbers and alphabets with it. Another includes throwing it at a certain distance where a winner emerges.

Another is the skipping ropes games, playing of card games. Another involves playing with tyres (this involves rolling tyres around the neighborhood). Those in Africa especially will be very familiar with this games.

My favorite among all this games was playing of soccer games. Writing on this topic alone brings back lot of good memories.


Games are fun at any age 😂 Did you play any board games?

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Yes true but during childhood it was more fun for me than now. I played some like ludo, Ayo and a little draft. Many thanks for the curation