Well, shits happens, life is never predictable, some times we make decisions and we get scared and full of ifs but one thing I know is, it is better to take a risk that is worth it than remain in indecision. The reason is, if it should go well, you will be at advantage and if it goes wrong, you will still be left with an advantage because you will learn.

For your brother many people are like that, I have come across some of them. what I do with most of them is , when they demand for loan from me, I tell them I don't have then give them money for transport and sachet water . Some people don't fear God, he doesn't even care about your condition and what it took you to raise the money. Next time please learn to say I don't have and assist them with money for transportation, it will be better than helping him and then become an enemy at last.

I enjoyed your post but it seems you made a mistake and posted it to your blog instead of the community

Wow, I thought as much. I don't know what is wrong with my ecency app. It's giving me so much problem. Thanks for pointing it out.

You are welcome my broh

Hi @ugomarcel
It seems you made this post in error as I can see two copies of it. You need to edit it ASAP. You can delete it.

Thanks bro, made a mistake and didn't know how to go about it. Corrected now.