A quick look at holdex.io - Is it worth visiting?

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Have you ever been to a website and left it with the feeling that it wasn't really finished? Or maybe that it was made in the room of somebody that could have been you? Or maybe that it is a project with a potential, but probably never reached its destiny due to lack of funds? If I wanted to summarize my feelings after spending some time at holdex.io, those sentences would summarize it quite clearly.

The thing is, as you visit holdex.io, you do not get a clear message about what it is at first. The title of the page is: Holdex: the home of the Crypto community. I guess this try to sum up the vision. And to be honest, it feels like Reddit for crypto, just without the community and the users. Yeah, I think that really summarized my thoughts... a reddit for all the cryptoprojects in one place, just not on Reddit, but on Holdex.io.

Here you can read posts about projects, vote for them, learn more about projects, and maybe even get to read direct posts from the projects themselves (if the ones responsible for the projects registers at the page and claims the project).


A project with potential, but that's it for now...

To be honest, this might be a cool project and a cool idea. But, it clearly lacks the funds to bring in some big players or to bring users, and as a result, it is lacking the most important - a vibrant and enthusiastic community. As a result, no crypto project will really care about the platform, and no users will find it interesting... at least I didn't.

It might be that things can change, and if they would manage to bring in some good players, or maybe bring some cool airdrop happenings or who knows what, that again would bring thousands of users, then they might get some luck. I noticed a one month old post about some airdrop for Holdex users, but it doesn't seem to me as if it turned into a big success, probably because nobody has ever heard of the project, so it doesn't seem to be worth the job.

Once again...

This is a project that could have been interesting, but due to lack of content and users, which I believe comes as a consequence from lack of funding, I think this is a page I will forget about in a few minutes from now...

But, for the sake of the creators... I hope I am wrong and that you will succeed!

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