Master Baiters Of The Universe

in #holocaust3 years ago


Fuck you if you're a world leader. If I get my way I'll see you hanging from a rope before I die. It isn't about only this pandemic fraud, it's the dichotomies you've helped create on the planet and in the minds of the people over many generations, that constitute your crimes. This regulated, tabulated, manipulated and completely orchestrated farm called Earth, which has been meticulously created by forces and agendas that have never seen the light of day on any election platform, are never discussed in open forums, and which control most living things, and sadly, what most of those living things believe as well, is simply the furthest distance away from the definition of freedom one could possibly get. Look what you've done. The people everywhere are told to accept, to believe, to protect each other, while you, who have sold us out, can do nothing but kill, and murder and take, take, take. You are quite literally making it hell on earth. You lie, and now you should rightfully have to pay for these atrocities.