New Holozing creature reveal!

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who dat holo.jpg

Welcome to a new series where we'll be revealing new creatures in the Holozing roster as they get finalized by artists working on our project.

Our newest addition is a normal-type cat creature called Miu! This one comes in 2 additional evolutions and will be one of the first creatures healers will be able to capture within the game.


It will be able to evolve into Miumiu as players train and level Miu up. We will be a bit more imaginative in the future with the naming but we think for this one it fits well.


Lastly as some of you may have guessed, Miumiu will evolve into its last form called Miumiumiu! This will be a fun one to hear people say out loud!


Normal type means this creature will be able to learn a lot of normal type moves but is also open to learning and being taught certain moves of different types over time and with level requirements. Normal-type is also quite neutral to a lot of different types meaning the creature will be able to take quite a lot of damage that won't hurt it much, it has after all 9 lives! ;)

We will be revealing new creatures as they're being finalized, soon thereafter we will also open up to the community for suggestions and potentially pick some good ones. Keep an eye out for that in our Discord and future posts!

Let us know what you think of Miu, this creature was inspired by the founder's cat with the same name, but we've been told that he won't let his cuteness affect any more game-related decisions down the road. :P

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I like the style of the artwork. The first one looks like a cute Beanie Boo with the compact shape and large eyes. In the second evolution Miu takes on a more confident cool cat look. Finally, Mui becomes a sophisticated looking cat. It'll be fun capturing and leveling these types of creatures up.

i like how the design of Miu seems like a creature that would be iconic in my honest opinion

I use to watch Pokemon in my childhood and seeing this Miu which is so cute in my opinion ( the first form), I got back in time when I use to watch Pokemon. I am excited to see more things getting unveiled soon.

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Haha yeah, the name is perfect for that cutie, I'm loving how it will evolve in the game... Miumiumiu would be so interesting to pronounce in cases of video reviews 😅

Awesome update, keep them coming!

Miumiumiu Miumiumiu, haha 😂, I am literally pronouncing the name here and it's giving me some butterflies in my belly already. I think the name is suitable for that creature over there . I look forward to seeing all the evolving creatures as we progresses
Nice update

I am loving the art. Miu looks like a very cute and chonky cat. Miumiu looks like a rascal, while Miumiumiu looks sage like. The fur even reminds me of a long white beard. I expect people to shorten the names when talking about them. Miu, Miu2, Miu3 would be the expected nicknames.

When I read miu miu I thought of mewtwo.
I like the card and you have a very nice cat.
This in the picture is my Mia


But I also have another cat :)
For this reason I will definitely try to have in my collection miumiumiu ;)
!discovery 30

MIU MIU MIU genius name. It is not for nothing that they say that the simpler - the more ingenious! brilliant name. MIU MIU MIU is a perfect example of that


The art in which the images were made is very beautiful and the name is very suggestive haha, I liked what I saw, everything was very cute, like cats should be (my favorite animal is cats) looking forward to more news!

😂👊 MIU! :) its prrrrrrrrrrrrfect..

my cat approves.


Nice! More creatures to capture, I liked the design too much, just looking at it and I feel it will be one of my favourite creatures, it would be great if they also design some flying creatures.

With every design they bring more and more I want to play it.

I know that the final result of your project will be a success.

Best wishes for the next designs. Best regards my friend.

I can imagine saying, "Hey, man. I levelee up and got miumiumiu." And I would sound funny. It's all part of the creative journey, to have fun this way. 😁

I look forward to capturing this one and many more to be released in the future. !ZING

Miu...that's a unique and cute name for the creature....the cat hehe.
No doubt, the finder did great job.
I am guessing that this would be one of the creatures for the game.
Well done.
I think the HoloZing community is doing a great job😀
MiuMiuMiu is awesome.

I freakin love these 😍 good designs for sure. I think what made me fall of Pokemon a bit is when they got a little too weird with their characters as of the last few years. I mean legit one was like a trash can lol The evolving aspect sounds very promising!

This looks beautiful, I want to appreciate who so ever has designed it. All the forms looks great and I like the fact that with each new level the creature has a new look.

I miss this in splinterlands where we see star getting added to our cards. Keep up the good work 😊

We will be adding the artists' names onto the website shortly.

That will be great, They deserve it for creating such good designs. Looking forward to see more new creatures.

The second evolution looks so amazing, I want to have that and keep it forever :D

You'll be able to keep it from evolving if you so choose. :)

Personally I think the name is spot on! Great looking character too!

Friends, this looks spectacular so I congratulate you. Creating characters and giving them a name is not easy, it requires a lot of creativity and also clarity of what you want to do, in that sense excellent.

I liked this character quite a lot although mostly his evolutions, Miu Miu looks aggressive while Miu Miu Miu looks imposing with her tail that looks like a saber ready to cut.

Anxious to see more characters and start playing.

This game is looking more and more interesting as time passes, great job on building up the interest and producing such a polished pre-launch.

Everything about this project looks well thought out and well designed

I'm growing my $zing stake and looking forward :-)


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Miumiu is my favorite even though the first one is adorable! Great graphics!

Super WOW! the maxed out version is really super! I love this type of evolution!

I like a lot the design of the first neutral creature: cat-lovers are everywhere and they are going to want this cute cat, no matter what! 🙀

For the name, I was also considering that it would be cool to have names who keep their link with the age the "holo-cat" has:

  • miumiu for the first stage (like a puppy cat)
  • meowmeow for the second stage (like a teen cat)
  • maomao for the third stage (like a big adult cat)

Not that the actual names aren't good: that's just a suggestion :)

Also, the last stage is the strongest, and biggest, and most desired by all HoloZing's Healers: it should look as a cat in its prime! So, maybe it may have a slightly different beard? Because now it looks like the beard of a wise old cat, while we want the one of an "adult" cat!

Please more designs like this, maybe a whole variety of these cat-like creatures, that would be great and would make me buy every single one of them.

Funny you say that, we were thinking of doing something like eevee from pokemon but not with a fox/dog but instead with cats, but not decided yet. Next one will be a flying type that we're working on!

Miu is so cute hahaha. Just one small fluffball XD

This is certainly one of the Holos I want to have and if I can have a name it will be Ariel which is my kitten's name

So cuuitee😍 I like the evolution of the looks of this Holo. I must the artwork is so much better than Pokemon, no doubt 😅

Really awesome and hope the new series brings better things for everyone. Awesome art work.

Ohhh my God what a beauty, I imagined it was a cat and put it by X when Mr. Acidyo asked. I loved it, I died of tenderness and love, You will see what I will do with that tender kitty, hahaha.

Miumiumiu 🐱🐾💕


Hey Acidyo,

Is this cat your pet, good to see him in the game.

I like to see Miumiumiu in boots or a hat, like Puss in boots. LOL


I think the name is excellent, it will be fun to hear others say I already have my Miumiumiu hahahah yeah that's fun, how exciting to know about this new creature.

It looks tender but powerful. Supporting this great project. Successes

Thats very adorable miu miu miu
cant wait to play this game

It's definitely exciting to see more of the game. Did @hiddenblade come up with the design and idea for this character? I think so 🤣

No haha it's all @acidyo's brilliance. :D I just did the polishing once I got the finished work from the artist, making sure it's clean and all the removing of the backgrounds and stuff and did the visuals for the post too.

oohh miumiumiu pronouncing cutely with wildness inside.... this miu gonna give strong fight with cuteness and wildness.... waiting for such more creatures....

Miu I LoVe u 💗

#holozing #newcreature

Miumiumiu, this sounds fun, I love how the game and its various creatures are evolving.

great work, looks great
@tipu curate

I thought this is Jigglypuff hahahaha....


I like more miu miu , the second evolution. I need one miu miu

Go miu miu at the blattle beguin 💪

The images in the art work is really amazing and I admire this so much

Hahaha. This is a pretty name for the cat. Miu is an imaginative word that sounds cute and the last name — miumiumiu makes it more sweet to pronounce. I love this! ❤️

I like the artwork. The miu, miumiu and miumiumiu sounds like cat style. Good job

Happy I Love You GIF by Warner Bros. Deutschland

Seems unique and cute characters!
Feel more exciited to have them!

Where are the Miu creatures, this will be fun, I look forward to know them, and kudos to the Miu cat for this great idea

ha ha ah those look fantastic. such cool artwork!

Miu looks fantastic and good example of creativity.

Wow cute miu looking handsome .excellent artWork.i want to see miu in game.🤗🤗boom boom miu

Miumiu miumiumiu name looks fine however, there is a lot of things flying in our brain after reading the features of this creature. So much of excitement and expectations, it is increasing day by day hehehe well hope for the best!!!!

but we've been told that he won't let his cuteness affect any more game-related decisions down the road. :P

Miu should evolve to a tiger, but still retain its cuteness :)

There are 2 pages