Clifford's Cave - The other side of the Tunnel.

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Clifford's Cave - The other side of the Tunnel.


If you read yesterday's post, you would know we were walking along the old railway and through a tunnel, and on the other side we stumbled onto this!!

This used to be a small restaurant, where the old steam tourist train used to stop, for tourist got out and have something to eat and drink.

As you can see the place has a fantastic view. As I wrote yesterday, the rail line is no longer in use, and the restaurant closed it's doors.


After this along came Clifford who is a homeless man, he then made the cave his home. He now take in other homeless people and gives them shelter He also let people walk through his cave, for the pricey sum of R25.00 ($1.00=R19.23)


He has some fencing around , with a small gate in it serving as an entrance. On the inside he has a small waiting area, to give him time to light the candles, as there is no electricity at the cave.



The cave is decorated with a lot of stuff, according to what Clifford say, it is mostly stuff they collect on the beach and other stuff they make themselves.


Note the bed in the photo below, apparently there is space for 8 people to sleep in this cave.


Note the sign saying enjoy on the bed.


Below is another bed, with some kitchen utensils hanging from the ceiling.



Note the strange art work in the photo below. There were much more stuff to see, but the lighting was really bad, and the photos did not come out great.


Some more artwork below.


There is a kitchen section, I suppose they use gas or open fires to cook, although I did not notice any gas.


I think the table below is still from the restaurant that used to be.


Here we are nearing the mouth of the cave again.


This was quite interesting to see, although it was quite strange and even creepy at some stages.

There are many stories on how Clifford got to stay in the cave, also many issues with the municipality and the railway company, but below is a version that I think is more or less how it happened.
Clifford's story

I must say that the visit to the cave was quite interesting, and was something that we surely will remember in the years to come.

I hope you enjoyed the post and that you have a wonderful day.


There is a very beautiful place on the other side of the cave. There are many things to be seen here.The price is also not much, according to us it costs ₹ 80. Thanks 🙏

Yes, it is very cheap, but a way for the homeless man to earn some income.

This is rather impressive... quite entrepreneurial. 😉

Yes, it is