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Coordinate Plane Graphing

The X-axis is on the horizontal. The Y-axis is on the vertical.


The first quadrant has two positive ordinal pairs. Going counter-clockwise, we come to the second quadrant that has a negative x-value and a positive y-value. Keep going counter-clockwise, the third quadrant has 2 negative values. The fourth quadrant, which is below the first, has a positive x-value and a negative y-value.

An ordinal pair of (0,0) lies on the origin. An ordinal pair with a x value of 0 lies on the y-axis, one with an y value of 0 lies on the x-axis.


The link below is a fun learning tool about graphing the coordinate plane, but they do not allow plays off platform. If you have a young learner it is a great way to reintroduce them to the material.

Coordinate Pair Song