I Got it Done! - June 22, 2021 @goldenoakfarm

New Herb - fairy in Row 2 crop June 2021.jpg

I usually get my fairy, one my husband got me many years ago, out by the end of May, when all freezing has passed. But I didn’t want her out with all the heavy work I had to do. She’s getting fragile and I was afraid she’d get bumped.

New Herb - Rows 1 and 2 done crop June 2021.jpg

But I had finally finished the first 2 rows in the New Herb garden and cleaned out half of Row 3, so no more heavy work near her.

New Herb - 5 more to go crop June 2021.jpg

Now I just have 5 more rows to go, 4 of which weren’t touched last fall.

Chamomile for dehydrator crop June 2021.jpg

Row 3 had a lot of volunteer chamomile in it and I harvested it all for the dehydrators.

Wednesday will be cool and dry and I hope to work most of the morning cleaning out rows and planting. I have a road trip at noon so I’ll have to stop by 11 to get cleaned up.


Your faerie's cousin lives with us! :)

apothecary faerie.jpg

How cool! They are so alike!

I am wondering if mine is a copy of yours. They're very similar but have enough differences.