Fear, has its uses and its purposes. But it is not a natural state, and definitely not a state that is healthy to live in on a regular basis, let alone all the time. If you find you fear something that is causing you stress on a regular basis, you absolutely have to overcome it. It seems as I look around the world today, that one of the greatest things that people seem to fear is death itself.

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*Some people's depiction of death coming .

So I'm going to concentrate on that today. Regardless of if you fear catching a virus or disease and it causing you to pass, or it is some other issue that causes you fear daily overcoming it will allow for freedom in your mind, spirit, body, and will allow you a happiness and a freedom in life itself. It cannot be found when fear is allowed to be the leader. I think when overcoming a fear of death, maybe a good way to do it is by thinking of two or three things that you would be willing to die for. Maybe it is your husband or wife, or your children, maybe the students in your classroom, or the people that you protect, help and love in your community. Maybe you would be willing to die for a belief, or possibly maybe you would die to protect the freedoms of others. I think by concentrating on those things, and the fact that you are comfortable with the thought or idea of being willing to die for something, it may make it easier to accept death when it is not something that would be at all under your control, or in a way that you would wish to go. The acceptance of death as a part of the bigger cycle of life is important.

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*A more accurate portrayal of death...and the entirety of the life cycle.

Try to really actually wrap your head around the fact, that no matter what happens, or what's to come, you will die... This may be a stark realization when it hits if you have never focused on it, but it can also be an absolutely freeing one. For once you realize that you will die, it may help you to alleviate the fear of it. There are so many things in life that we must do, or that must happen. So many of these things we have no control over. Do you fear your next breath, or the fact that your hair and fingernails will grow, are you afraid of the fact that the trees will get taller every year, or that the grass will grow? Do you find it unbelievably scary that at some point it will be rainy, and at some point it will be sunny? Are you definitely afraid that the seasons will change from spring to Summer, and then fall to winter?

Of course you probably don't. But these are all just natural cycles, no different than the life and death cycle. They all go on as they should and balance is maintained in our beautiful universe.

Your energy can never be destroyed, but your skin sack can only last so long. And Truth be told, it is a very confining and inadequate means containing the full potential of our beautiful energy. I personally, cannot wait to part from it and see what type of wonderful beautiful future awaits me after becoming free of it!

If you fear death my loved ones, please take a moment to see if there's anything you can do to begin the journey of overcoming this crippling fear.

One last thing to chew on...to fear death, is also to allow the possibility that others may control you.

We wish you all the most magnificent day and hope for nothing but the best!!🤗🤗🤗

A lie is a lie is a lie... or is it?

If your lie had the power to save a life....
Would you lie to safe that life? I'd love to know how you feel about these few questions, so feel free to leave your thoughts and views down below.



This is a good post, thank you.
sadly, in the western world death is portrayed as a tragic event, even in cases where it is the end of suffering, while in reality as the saying goes, it is just a new beginning. we are taught to be so afraid of the unknown that many live their whole life without taking any risks, without doing anything they believe to be "dangerous". for this fear, many end up not living at all.
It is beautiful to see a totally different relationships people have with death in eastern and other more traditional societies where in many cases, death is celebrated. whole families gather in cemeteries with food to share with their passed loved ones. in some Pacific islands, the dead are left in the home for about a month before being buried in the immediate yard in order to allow for a gradual farewell of all family members from the dead.
wishing us all a peaceful weekend !

Thanks for swinging t and dropping such an amazing comment!🤗 Death truly is as beautiful as life itself I believe. Embracing it and accepting it for its true beauty is freeing and amazing! I hope you have a wonderful day and a great week! We send our love! 🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰



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