1 Feb - Hive Power Up Day & quick Witness Update

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After my 28k HP power up for the start of 2021, 1 Feb is a smaller power up of only 661 HIVE.

I'm getting closer to becoming a full Orca on my main account.

With all my posting, curation and witness earnings of HP staying powered up I am growing by around 250 HP a week.

This should get me to Orca in 33 weeks, but I hope to make it earlier by turning some HDB into Hive Power and maybe selling some Blurt.

3Speak is doing an airdrop that will be based on Hive Power I think so I'm hoping to get something out of that too.

But more than anything I am building my Hive position to ensure freedom for myself and my family in the future.

I am fighting for freedom on the internet against the The Matrix (of Big Tech and their tyrannical government nanny statists) both from:

  • the bottom up (via HIVE, BTC and other quality cryptocurrencies an projects) and
  • the top down by my class action against Big Tech's illegal cartel conduct in banning cryptocurrency ads (which was the canary-in-the-coal-mine for more widespread and draconian censorship).

You can keep track of the latest developments on the #cryptoclassaction on @jpbliberty's Hive Blog.

I've now risen to rank 63 witness and many people have taken up my call to run witnesses on PCs that are physically owned and controlled by you. The deplatforming of Parler by Amazon really opened people's eyes to the risks of so called "cloud" services and third party compute services in general. @chrisrice and @cryptographic have taken up this cause with gusto.

I'm really pleased to see that I inspired and assisted two new witnesses (@primersion and @shmoogleosukami) running nodes on their own equipment (including on the most beautiful PC I've even seen). I'm glad my posts on how to set up witness nodes have helped others, as I have been helped by Hive legends like @someguy123.

I'm slowly progressing with my plan for a full API node and a Hive-Engine node, although had a little set back just now with a dead GPU on my main witness machine. Thankfully the backup is running smoothly.

Please vote for my Hive witness. (KeyChain or HiveSigner)

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That's a nice power up.

And very well said about Powering Up to protect freedom. That's certainly part of why I power up Hive.

And great advice on the Witness hosting, essential I think.

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Power Up to Protect Freedom

That's a great line.

Glad you are getting bigger as it does take time. I think it is important that we all just keep going steadily up as we have no clue where this could end up at some point. Happy you became a witness and we need more like you.

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I am very much enjoying the Hive journey - the financial side is secondary to me.
I see my friends complaining about how they waste their lives on Facebook and I know that my social media engagement is un-manipulated, constructive and productive (financially, socially and as a record of my life and interests).

only 661 HIVE

That is actually quite a lot ;)

I hope you get your GPU issue resolved and also that you get your API node online soon! Mine is still taking a while, didn't have as much time as I hoped the last weeks...

Thanks. Its annoying as a Hive witness node doesn't really need a GPU at all but the motherboard does not have built in graphics.

I've got dozens of GPUs from mining in 2017/18 but they have either all failed (possible) or there is another problem that is reporting as a GPU issue on POST.

Its all about finding the time.

Maybe then better change your CPU to one with onboard graphics ;) But yes, failing hardware is really annoying...

I'm hoping someday to also go and run an API node and hive-engine node. But not right now. With only one machine and limited money and space a witness node is all I can manage for now.

Good job @apshamilton.

  • I will also vote for your #HIVE Proposal tonight, in case it helps!

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