HPUD & Monthly Goals Update - December

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The Hive price seems to have increases a bit and now it's over 35 cents, hovering around 0.36 to 0.38. And it's not long when we see Hive running along with other coins to reach its ATH again. With the recession threat looming, seems like it will take another year to see some good upward movement in the crypto front but last month was good where we have seen some rally after a long time, till that time just accumulate as much as you can. Just what I am doing and everyone else is doing with the Hive Power Up Day.

It's been 11 months from the start of the year and hopefully we all are in track to see how the rest of the year goes by so that we can complete our goals defined in the start of the year. And this is why HPUD is so great because with it we get that time when we can review the Hive goals.

I am excited to share that I have reached 21.5K HP staking this month. This month I have also powered up 86 Hive to reach 21.5K HP.


Along with the power-up, the curation rewards are also increasing as I grow the HP staked. I also delegate to some projects for some of the passive income but try to have at least 14K HP for my account. Latest is the ZingToken where I have delegated 1K HP as of now.


I got around 230+ HP in the last month as the author awards and some curation rewards. The Author and Curation rewards are not as great as the previous month but still, it is ok. This is mainly, I was not that active last month. Hopefully thus month I will be active.


The goals I have set for this year are mainly 6 main tokens Hive, HBD in savings, LEO, Stem, BRO and SPS. I am not confined to buying only these tokens that is I also invest in coins/tokens like buying Chaos Cards in Splinterlands, buying cards in Rising star and other things. In the current state, it looks like the goals which I have set for myself will be completed at the end of the year if it continues like this.

TokenGoal AmountStarting (Jan-23)AchivedCompleted %
HBD1500 500900 000%
SPS5000 75003800693892.5%

I have completed the SPS goal and revised my target for the end of the year. I think I am on a right track to get the goals of this year done and everything looks to be great now. Just 2 months remaining, so let's try to complete the remaining goals as soon as possible. Since I have to revise the goal of HBD, need to push myself to complete some of the goals before also so that other goals I can concentrate more. SPS and STEM can be completed quite easily after buying from the market, similarly, for the BRO token it might take some time as it has gone up from reach.


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