Why do we need hive watchers-they are corrupt and self serving - lets just eliminate them and let the other org take its place

in #hw-scum8 months ago

One of the biggest dick heads in the game and hive is Azricon that fucker abused his power bc he didn't like that I didn't kiss his ring and follow what ever made up bs rules he decided to make. Hive is a place where people shouldn't worry about a police force if i wanted that id be on fakebook and also did anyone know that HW freq takes good posts receiving to much in there opinion and downvoting it for no other reason these things should be immediately stopped by force if the community bans together and at least targets the largest ppl making there lives and earnings really annoying. Also we should look at every transaction etc and see if there is any shady things then if there are post them daily to show ppl who these guys really are and maybe eventually a daily downvote with a reward for the largest dv against them and a bonus for dv streaks would be effective in incentivizing ppl which wont be hard sine a lot of ppl hate those fuckers. Im guessing im not alone and most ppl have been downvoted many times by these ppl and it seems like it is a way to exploit under the guise of pretending to be a good stakeholder which unfortunately the masses usually are easily fooled by scumbags. I wonder if these ppl would be so tough if someone were to find out information that could be used to stop the abuse. I bet my friends in the FBI and the Cybersecurity division for the US could figure out a whole shit load of things on many of the members which could be used to possibly remove the group from existence or maybe someone would just post it all over. Everyone has skeletens and all that needs to happen is find them and then let ppl know you have them and unless they stop abusing there power they get sent to the places that fuck up there life the most so then they spend all there time fixing it and not fucking ppl. We should also have a contest to see who can fuck over the most HW members (only corrupt ones) not good ppl and then also publish a daily tally and take bets on the group for who can eliminate the most corrupt hw threats. God i would love to be able to just say fuck you and if we get the power there will be nothing they can do and feel like therest of us. Plus my if i figure out whothey are maybe asking to meet up nearwhere they live would deter them bc once ppl are not behind a screen there usually fucking pussys who just fuck ppl over bc they think they cnat be found. Also will be asking my friend ifthere are any criminal and civil charges that could be filed and if so go after anyone who is a large player and hopefully get them in jail and also take every cent from them and that will show them how much the community likes them and needs there service that just lowers ppls money. How can they get away with it are the masses really oblivious and unable to come together to remove these scumbags from our platform. They do no good. Imgoing to be investigating in great detail everyone involved and any corruption or abuse will be posted every day and in every tag and language with a ask to delegate HP toa account called HWinmate #1 - big tyrone is waiting for you winding up his dong to show you what your abuse gets you inreal life as soon as ppl catch on when someone like me just wont give up until ppl realize your all scumbags.


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